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Skywalka Ghost Kush x Girl Scout Cookies

by Big Head Seeds

Blast off to a faraway galaxy with Skywalka Cookies from Big Head Seeds – an out of this world, indica-dominant cannabis seed that marries the original Cookies strain with their own supercharged OG Kush crossbreed.

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Skywalka Cookies Strain Genetics

To create these feminised seeds, the strain hunters at the Big Head Seeds company have united their most potent cannabis creation with an epic indica-dominant cross famed for its award-winning flavour.

Once unknown outside of California and now a global seeds bank sensation, the legendary Girl Scout Cookies, aka GSC, is a truly wonderful dessert strain that’s birthed some of the cannabis world’s most coveted phenotypes. Inheriting the hybrid’s high THC content and sensory impact, Skywalka Cookies is the latest to capitalize this formidable genetic profile. 

A product of Big Head’s own breeding program, Skywalka Ghost Kush, a superpowered blend of three OG Kush varieties, completes the partnership, pushing Skywalka Cookies’ THC levels even higher.

Skywalka Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

Skywalka Cookies has a predominantly herbal flavour profile with an added sweetness provided by its GSC marijuana genetics. Its earthy spice taste and woody aroma are the product of ocimene and humulene terpenes, while caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene add layers of citrus and exotic Kush.

Tied together with subtle hints of sweet vanilla, this moreish combination is a veritable treat for the tastebuds, and true connoisseurs may even notice the same lingering fresh-baked flavours on the exhale that gave GSC its name.

Skywalka Cookies Strain Effects

Indica dominant strains are usually known for their knockout effects, but Skywalka Cookies is a little different from the norm. Taking after its rebellious parent plants, this heavyweight hybrid hits with a euphoric buzz for both body and mind, combining ripples of relaxation with a transcendent mental experience. Laughter and happiness are to be expected, along with plenty of excessive snacking, making Skywalka Cookies the perfect strain for sharing with friends.

While it might not send you off to dreamland, Skywalka Cookies is a product of the super potent Skywalka Ghost Kush and therefore incredibly strong, with a heady impact that shouldn’t be underestimated. As such, this strain is best for users of a high THC tolerance.

Skywalka Cookies Strain Medical Benefits

Big Head Seeds Skywalka Cookies comes from a long line of medicinal-grade cannabis strains. Its caryophyllene-rich mother plant is particularly prized by the medical marijuana community and often used to treat chronic pain and physical discomfort.

Furthermore, patients with high blood pressure may find additional use from these medical seeds as ocimene terpenes can inhibit enzymes connected to type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

How to Grow Skywalka Cookies Strain Seeds

Skywalka Cookies feminized seeds can be a little challenging to grow, but cultivators who persevere will be paid back tenfold. Treated with due care, these feminized cannabis seeds will grow into hardy, indica-typical plants laden with green and orange sugar-coated buds, with just a hint of the purple colours that characterise many GSC strains.

With the right feeding schedule and stable environment, growers can expect yields of up to 600g/m2 from this quick flowering marijuana seed. Ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks of growth, fast turnovers and quality end results make up for the extra effort required from these female seeds which can be grown both indoors and outdoors.