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by Big Head Seeds

From the expert strain hunters at the Big Head Seeds seeds company, Sherbert Dab is an indica-dominant hybrid that is as sweet as its name would suggest. Created from the genes of the much-loved Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), these feminized cannabis seeds are a welcome addition to the MGS seeds bank. Both easy to grow and fast flowering, Sherbert Dab does not disappoint. 

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Sherbert Dab Genetics

Sherbert Dab feminized seeds are the love child of an indica landrace strain and the legend of Girl Scout Cookies, a hugely popular choice in our seeds bank.

The secret of this near-perfect herbal offspring is to bring the finer traits of the mother plants and combine them with an original personality that creates a tribute strain as opposed to a clone. That’s exactly what Sherbert Dab does, taking the sweet and moreish flavours of Girl Scout Cookies and the bushy, fast flowering plants of indica landrace. This results in a fruity and potent masterpiece that takes its marijuana genetics in a whole new direction.

Sherbert Dab  Strain Terpene Profile

The sweet berry scent and sweet and creamy flavour of Big Head Seeds Sherbert Dab comes predominantly from its terpene profile. This high THC (around 20%) strain has a terpene profile likely to echo its parents.

Caryophyllene and limonene, a combination of peppery and fruity, are probably the main two terpenes at play, combining to create this cannabis strain’s memorable fruity kick on the inhale that also lingers on the lips after exhale.

The refreshing, pine-like, nutty and minty tingle that lies under the berry scent of this feminized cannabis from Big Head Seeds is likely to be providing by pinene, a terpene also found in pinecones, while humulene, a creamy, woody terpene, can be safely assumed to be adding to the more grounded flavours of this marijuana seed on the exhale.

Sherbert Dab Effects

While Sherbert Dab has a potent THC content, the effects are not likely to stick you to the couch. Instead, you will experience a calming, euphoric high that is pleasingly long-lasting and may well assist with motivation.

That makes this strain a surprisingly good choice to add a little energy boost during the day, albeit a relaxing one, and Sherbert Dab can also provide a nice chilled vibe before sleep, making this pretty much an all-day cannabis strain.

Sherbert Dab Medical Benefits

There are several potential uses for Sherbert Dab cannabis seeds as medical seeds. Caryophyllene is the only terpene that binds to the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, similarly to THC. This system helps to control the body’s pain receptors, meaning caryophyllene and THC may work together to give Sherbert Dab pain-relieving qualities.

The intensely chilled state provided by the limonene and pinene (both favourites in alternative and traditional medicines for their relaxation properties) may aid this strain from Big Head Seeds in providing anxiety and stress relief.

How to Grow Sherbert Dab Seeds

Sherbert Dab is available as easy to grow female seeds. These bright green, orange coated, crystal-covered buds with a sexy purple hue will be ready to go in as little as seven weeks when grown indoors.

The indica dominant DNA genetics means these cannabis seeds can get bushy and may need some trimming, but besides that, these feminised seeds almost grow themselves. 

Sherbert Dab female seeds grow well outside in moderate to warm climates, but the best and quickest results are likely to come from indoor growing.

If the cacophony of bright green and other beautiful colours doesn’t make it clear your Sherbert Dab cannabis seeds are ready for harvesting, the beautiful, sweet berry smell that dominates your grow room certainly will.