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Grandaddy Purple x Larry OG

by Big Head Seeds

A welcome addition to our ever-growing seeds bank, Purple Punch from Big Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with some impressive genetics inherited from cannabis all-stars Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. With a fast flowering time, these resilient feminized seeds will provide impressively dense buds that offer a legendary full-body buzz.

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Purple Punch Strain Genetics

Combining the genetics of two legendary cultivars, the strain hunters at the Big Head Seeds co have really set the bar high with these feminized cannabis seeds. Indeed, the mother plants of Purple Punch marijuana seeds are both well-loved Cannabis cup winners; Larry OG, one of OG Kush’s favourite children, and the colourful and high potency Granddaddy Purple.

The dense, compact plants are indicative of the lineage of these cannabis seeds, while the flavour profile brings the best of both sides of the high THC strain’s genetic background.

Purple Punch Strain Terpene Profile

The flavours and smells of Purple Punch marijuana are incredibly sweet, with touches of fruits like blueberry and grape, and a strong, candy-like aroma. This smorgasbord of scent and flavour comes from the colourful terpene profile of this modern-day classic cannabis strain.

The dominant terpene found in Purple Punch feminized cannabis seeds is pinene and limonene. As their names suggest, limonene brings the tones of citrus fruits, while pinene adds a forest-like dash of pine. The combination of these terpenes creates the sweet, yet tart and fruity, slightly peppery collection of contradicting flavours from inhale to exhale.

Purple Punch Strain Effects

Purple Punch is a cannabis strain that provides different effects depending on the levels you choose to go to. This high THC level cannabis strain gives a lot for a little, providing a full-body relaxation with a cerebral buzz. However, as with the cup winners in the DNA genetics, going further than that can result in near-complete couch lock, which is fine if that’s what you’re looking for, and is a good way for experienced cannabis consumers to end a day.

Not a daytime strain. Purple Punch is designed more for evenings, lending a hand to the post-work chillout process, or providing the perfect accompaniment to a lazy Sunday of basking in the sunshine.  

Purple Punch Strain Medical Benefits

With a high THC level (well over 20% in most cases), Purple Punch strain is a popular choice of medical seeds. Like it’s Grandfather, OG Kush, Purple Punch can aid sleep by not only assisting with falling asleep but also providing a stress-relieving dose of relaxation, making this hybrid strain a regular choice of medical marijuana for people living with insomnia.

Caryophyllene combines with THC in the endocannabinoid system. It can provide relief from chronic pain, as well as reducing minor aches and pains in the joints which, again, can help with insomnia.

How to Grow Purple Punch Strain Seeds

Reminiscent of the kush strains in its lineage, the durability of these Purple Punch cannabis seeds from Big Head Seeds makes this a good choice of outdoor strain for beginner growers, who can expect a high yield of crystal-coated buds around the end of October.

When grown indoors using SOG or SCROG methods, these high-yielding feminized marijuana seeds have a fast flowering time and can be ready in as little as eight weeks (no more than 10). 

Resistant to mites and other pests and a with relatively short plant height that doesn’t take up too much space, the finished buds of these feminized seeds will combine soft greens with bright purples, all covered in a thick, resinous cover of crystal white coating that makes it clear you’re in for quite the treat with Purple Punch!