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Critical Plus x Jack Herer

by Big Head Seeds

An evenly-balanced Jack Herer hybrid that’s been tweaked for maximum yields and medicinal potency, Head Stash Auto by Big Head Seeds is the mind-altering marijuana mix-up looking to take its parent’s crown. Available in feminised seeds, Head Stash Autoflowering seeds are a high-yielding hybrid delight, suitable for even the most inexperienced cannabis growers. 

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Head Stash Auto Strain Genetics

The Big Head Seeds co are masters of the threeway blend, as exemplified by these autoflowering marijuana seeds.  

A seeds bank favourite, Jack Herer is a cup winning sativa champion that’s renowned for its piney smell and medicinal-grade effects; two qualities inherited by its successor. Critical +Auto, a heavy yielding cannabis strain used by Big Head to breed their bestselling sativa and indica strains, brings extra power and mass to the table, while the seed banks signature BigHead#1 boosts the plant’s yields even further.

As an auto feminized hybrid, Head Stash Auto also boasts hardy ruderalis genetics, guaranteeing simple growth cycles every single time. 

Head Stash Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Head Stash feminized cannabis seeds are especially rich in terpinolene and pinene. A product of its potent heritage, these rare sesquiterpenes are responsible for the hybrid’s refreshing earthy pine flavour profile.

These herbaceous aromas carry over to this cannabis strain’s phenomenal aroma where they’re met with fruity accents courtesy of myrcene. Keen tastebuds might detect notes of grapefruit and fresh-cut limes among more dominant earthy pine flavours, while Critical Auto provides extra pungency, bringing its own skunky flavours to the plate.

Head Stash Auto Strain Effects

This balanced hybrid auto fem follows closely in the footsteps of Jack Herer, combining the best qualities of both sativa strains and indica strains to deliver a blissful and clear-headed cerebral high. Inspiring thought and creativity, its uplifting influence provides dual relaxation and buzz for the mind and body, leaving users feeling stimulated but in full lucid control of their actions.

Mellow enough for daytime use, a moderate THC content of 15+ means Head Stash Auto can also be enjoyed by cannabis consumers with lower tolerances.

Head Stash Auto Strain Medical Benefits

If you´re looking for medical seeds, Head Stash Auto certainly offers plenty of appeal as a potentially therapeutic choice.

Since appearing in the mid-90s, the Jack Herer cannabis strain has remained a mainstay of the medical cannabis circuit. As a close descendent, Head Stash Auto feminized seeds inherits many of the same medicinal properties.

Terpinolene has long been used as an antiseptic and, working in synergy with myrcene, can have a mild but effective sedative effect. Alpha-pinene is known to possess similar stress-busting qualities giving Big Head Seeds Head Stash Auto feminized plenty of potential in treating conditions like anxiety and depression.

How to Grow Head Stash Auto Strain Seeds

Head Stash Auto feminized marijuana seeds have been purposefully modified by Big Head Seeds’ top breeders to allow for massive growth and yields.  Entering their flowering stage with frenzied growth, these autoflowering seeds are ready to harvest with a rapid flowering time of just 6-7 short weeks, producing tightly compact lime green buds that shimmer with golden radiance.

This super-fast flowering time means multiple growth cycles are possible in a single season with this advanced female providing monster yields of 60g/400g/m2 ensuring bumper harvests every time.

Particularly suited to Mediterranean climates, these auto feminized seeds thrive equally well indoors, though its increased height might pose a challenge for cultivators with limited space. However, as an auto feminized flowering type, Head Stash Auto cannabis seeds are otherwise easy to grow.