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Gorilla Glue #4 x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

by Big Head Seeds

A modern-day superstar in seed banks across the globe, Gorilla Cookies from Big Head Seeds is a high THC masterclass in potency. Available in feminised cannabis seeds, this sativa-dominant hybrid strain has an exceptional lineage and a tempting terpene profile that will satisfy even the fussiest of cannaseurs.

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Gorilla Cookies Strain Genetics

Gorilla Cookies is the result of an inspired crossing of Original Glue (Gorilla Glue #4) and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, two high potency phenotypes of multi-time cup winners that are famed for their impressive potency and ability to glue you to the couch, bed, or any other soft furnishing that is in your general vicinity.

Kicking with a THC level of over 20%, Gorilla Cookies cannabis seeds are certainly a chip off the old block. And given their resiliency and tantalising flavour profile, seem to have inherited many of the qualities that made their parents, so famed amongst cannabis enthusiasts.

Gorilla Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

The aroma of Gorilla Cookies bring to mind the images of walking casually through the forest, complete with woody, earthy tones and a dose of lemon and cypress, all undercut by a potent peppery flavour that tantalisingly tickles the tastebuds.

That touch of spice (reminiscent of both Gorilla Glue #4 and Girl Scout Cookies) comes from the presence of caryophyllene, the dominant terpene present in this high THC strain. The floral forest fantasy comes via the presence of the herbal terpene myrcene, and limonene, which as the name suggests, is a terpene found in lemon rinds and brings that citrus hint to both taste and smell.

Gorilla Cookies Strain Effects

Any strain with Gorilla Glue in its heritage is likely to make you want to sit down somewhere comfortable for the foreseeable future, and when combined with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, that sensation only increases. Still, this is a well-balanced hybrid strain with users reporting that they can still maintain focus and alertness while under its effects.

However, Gorilla Cookies is a high THC level strain that given its potency, is perhaps best-reserved for evening consumption. Certainly not ideal for a busy schedule, but when it comes to relaxed evenings or a Sunday afternoon spent kicking back and relaxing, Gorilla Cookies is about the best choice you can find.

Gorilla Cookies Strain Medical Benefits

Dripping with health benefit potential thanks to the terpene profile and high THC count, Gorilla Cookies are popular as medical seeds for users with a variety of conditions. Like many Cookies strains, one of the primary uses of Gorilla Cookies is to relieve the symptoms of pain-related conditions, with THC and caryophyllene both being thought to provide pain relief, while myrcene may enhance these effects.

Limonene has a long history of use in traditional Western herbal medicine to treat anxiety and stress-related conditions, with the chilled and near euphoric buzz of this high THC strain aiding in the relief of anxiety and potentially assisting those with sleeping conditions like insomnia.

How to Grow Gorilla Cookies Strain

Gorilla Cookies marijuana seeds are easy to grow and don’t take much care thanks to the resilient nature of these feminized seeds, a resilience inherited from the mother strains. With a fast flowering time of between eight to ten weeks, indoor growers you can expect solid, resinous buds appearing within around eight weeks from these feminized seeds.

A little goes a very long way with these marijuana seeds, with a generous yield of 450gm2 expected for indoor growers