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Critical x OG Kush

by Big Head Seeds

A welcome addition to Marijuana Grow Shop seeds bank, indica-dominant Gnasha is a specially blended crossbreed by the Big Head Seeds co that combines the legendary critical and Kush strains into a multifaceted marijuana allrounder.

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Gnasha Strain Genetics

Gnasha cannabis seeds gain their versatility and vigour from three heavyweights in the world of seeds, each selected for their own particular strengths and benefits.  

A quick-growing Afghani/Skunk hybrid cannabis strain, this feminised cannabis seed inherits its hardness and monstrous yields from cannabis seed bank legend Critical, while a classic Kush phenotype brings fan-favourite flavours to the table. A Special Indica strain completes the trio to provide high resin production.

Marking another success story for the Big Head seeds company, Gnasha feminized seeds is a truly impressive blend of its parental DNA genetics.

Gnasha Strain Terpene Profile

Each of Big Head seeds Gnasha’s parent plants boasts its own distinctive terpene profile. When blended, these aromatic compounds give rise to new flavour combinations, making these exotic seeds a must for fans of new sensory experiences. 

Kush strains get most of their flavour from caryophyllene and myrcene and it’s this pungent blend that gives Gnasha its seeds their spicy flavour and earthy undertones. High levels of limonene terpenes are responsible for the strain’s citrus taste, and those of a refined palette will notice echoes of sweet hashish – a parting gift courtesy Afghan parent plants – upon the exhale.

Gnasha Strain Effects

Named after an old Himalayan word meaning ‘high’ or ‘buzz, Gnasha cannabis seeds boasts a range of physical and cerebral effects that, when paired with its high THC content of 20-24%, make it more than worthy of its title. 

As a slightly indica dominant hybrid marijuana seed, its sedative influence is noticeable almost immediately, plunging the body and brain into a state of total relaxation. Kush genetics have also lent this strain a potent kick and the strong euphoric and cerebral effects common to the phenotype.

With Gnasha from the Big Head Seeds co, some degree of couchlock of some degree is almost guaranteed, so this strain is best reserved for night-time use.

Gnasha Strain Medical Benefits

Both of the indica and sativa strains in Gnasha feminised seeds genetic backdrop offer wide-ranging, but distinct, medical marijuana genetics. As a hybridized variety, Gnasha combines the best of both, making it an excellent choice for medicinal cannabis growers.

Strong sedative effects make Gnasha female seeds especially useful for patients struggling with insomnia. Myrcene, the terpene thought to be responsible for these effects, is also a proven anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, and can increase the psychoactive effects of THC. These qualities are enhanced by limonene and caryophyllene, which are also famed for boasting similar therapeutic qualities.

How to Grow Gnasha Cannabis seeds

Gnasha female seeds take after their special indica forefathers. Even novice cultivators can expect a hardy crop of easy to grow, bushy cannabis plants from these fully feminized seeds and a short flowering time of 8-9 weeks means multiple harvests are possible in a single season. 

Mild green in appearance and wreathed in orange pistols and frosty trichomes, these top-quality seeds develop into a truly beautiful and outstanding indica dominant cannabis strain. As with most indica-dominant marijuana seed varieties, Gnasha cannabis seeds can be grown anywhere, but an indoor setup is recommended to take advantage of its short stature and rapid growth rates.