Buy Freeze Berry Auto strain seeds

Big Freeze x Blueberry

by Big Head Seeds

Specially fortified for your growing pleasure, Freeze Berry Auto is a sweet and sour Blueberry hybrid from Big Head Seeds. A welcome addition to our growing catalogue of auto-flowering marijuana seeds, this evenly balanced cannabis strain offers remarkable flavour and a delightfully euphoric impact.

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Freeze Berry Auto Strain Genetics

The result of accidental open-air pollination and later perfected by Big Head Seeds’  expert breeders, Freeze Berry Auto feminized seeds are a crossbreed of an autoflowering Blueberry phenotype and the sugary sweet THC dominant strain, Big Freeze.

A rapid flowering plant that bursts in beautiful hues, the strain’s A-grade genetics lend Freeze Berry Auto its pleasing appearance and impressive sensory impact, while ruderalis DNA makes the cultivation of these autoflowering seeds easy for even the most inexperienced of growers.

Custom bred by the Big Head seeds co for its big yields and sugary crystal production, Big Freeze boasts potent White Widow (a legend in seed banks across the globe) genetics and a frosty trichome coating, both of which are inherited by Freeze Berry Auto cannabis seeds, resulting in a top-shelf hybrid cultivar that’s pleasing to the eye and powerful in its effects.

Freeze Berry Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Fans of fruity dessert flavours are in for a real treat with Big Head Seeds Freeze Berry Auto While its earthy fragrance is pleasing and made all the more appealing thanks to subtle sugary accents, its tart berry taste is where this cannabis strain really shines. 

Auto Blueberry’s dominant genetics, along with particularly high levels myrcene and limonene terpenes, lend Freeze Berry automatic the unmistakable flavour of fresh blueberries. This tangy fruit flavour is undercut by sweet vanilla and subtle notes of banana gained from Big Freeze.

Freeze Berry Auto Strain Effects

Fruity flavours aren’t the only upside of this formidable cannabis strain. It’s hybridized genetics, and generous THC content of 15+% ensure a long-lasting euphoric experience. Promoting feelings of purity and cosmic positivity, Freeze Berry Auto produces a clear, inspiring high with a predominantly motivational cerebral impact.

Multitasking marijuana users will be delighted with the energising qualities of these autoflowering cannabis feminised seeds. Perfect for getting those creative juices flowering, its uplifting effects can be brutally powerful but rarely overwhelming, making it an optimum choice for daytime use.

Freeze Berry Auto Strain Medical Benefits

Blueberry, a favourite of the West Coast dispensary scene, is globally recognized as a medical-grade marijuana strain. As such, Freeze Berry Auto is an excellent choice for those looking to grow medical seeds to treat several different conditions. 

Many consumers utilize Blueberry strains to contend with anxiety and stress. High levels of limonene mean their mood-enhancing effects are second to none, making them also suitable for tackling depression. In Freeze Berry Auto, these qualities are amplified by its myrcene content, the two terpenes working in unison to create an entourage effect. 

The powerfully relaxing properties of these medicinal seeds can also be used to treat the body. Patients suffering from physical conditions associated with stress, like heartburn and acid reflux, may find relief in its therapeutic impact.

How to Grow Freeze Berry Auto Strain Seeds

Freeze Berry Auto feminized seeds produce some of the prettiest plants we’ve ever seen, and connoisseurs will marvel at their colourful hues and trichome coating. Glittering with crystals and boasting a generous calyx to leaf ratio, the massive blue and purple blooms are truly a sight to behold!

With a rapid flowering time of around eight to nine weeks, and boasting big yields of 400g/m2, these autoflowering female seeds have been augmented to make them easy to grow in any environment. Hardy ruderalis genetics provide additional resistances and growth benefits. As such, Freeze Berry Auto feminized marijuana seeds from the Big Head Seeds company are perfect for cultivators of all levels.