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by Big Head Seeds

A diesel-fuelled, herbal fruit of Chemdawg’s loins, Dogstar Dawg is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain available as feminized cannabis seeds from the good folks at Big Head Seeds seeds company. Compact plants with crystal-coated, orange covered buds, a fast flowering time, and a scent that you’ll notice from a distance, this is a pungent and truly memorable cannabis strain.

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Dogstar Dawg Strain Genetics

Chemdawg, the mother plant of Big Head Seeds’ Dogstar Dawg feminized seeds is one of the most sought after diesel strains at our seeds bank, and for good reason. The genetic Chemdawg line has spawned many a young cannabis strain, but Dogstar Dawg definitely stands out amongst its sweet and fruity siblings thanks to its unique flavour profile.

The robust diesel tones have been passed down to these marijuana seeds, as has the easy to grow nature and sativa-like compact, yet bushy plants. But there is more going on with Dogstar Dawg cannabis seeds than just repetition of its parent’s personality traits.

Dogstar Dawg Strain Terpene Profile

For some, the potent petrol scent of the Chemdawg line of diesel strains can be a little too much. Big Head Seeds’ Dogstar Dawg has been developed for those people, as this cannabis strain softens the pungent diesel tones with a woody, herbal blend undercut by touches of pine and citrus.

Caryophyllene is the peppery terpene that provides the well-known diesel fuel flavour and aroma, but it works together with limonene in Dogstar Dawg, a terpene which provides a touch of citrus on the inhale. Myrcene ensures a classic cannabis scent and a more earthy aroma, as well as herbal tones with some pine-like subtlety, caused by the presence of pinene. Pungent on the inhale, and sweet on the aftertaste, this Big Head Seeds strain is a flavourful masterpiece.

Dogstar Dawg Strain Effects

Dogstar Dawg creates a feeling of pure euphoria that kicks in very quickly, likely to be accompanied by giggle fits and a long-lasting sense of serenity and euphoric peacefulness.

While providing the full-body relaxation we all expect from high THC cannabis strains like this one (Dogstar Dawg can reach up towards 25% THC level) a useful dose of energy, ideal for outdoor activity while creativity is also delivered, making this a morning, afternoon, or night strain, providing a boost to your day or a smooth end to your evening.

Dogstar Dawg Strain Medical Benefits

Dogstar Dawg has medical marijuana potential thanks to its impressive terpene profile, with limonene thought to provide relief for anxiety-related conditions and stress, and also to aid sleep for people living with insomnia. 

The high THC content, combined with caryophyllene provides potential pain relief by working with the body’s endocannabinoid system, while myrcene acts as a regulator and may increase these pain relief properties to assist those with chronic pain conditions. As such, if you want to grow your own medical seeds, Dogstar Dawg is a useful form of medical marijuana. 

How to Grow Dogstar Dawg Seeds

Dense, compact plants with trichome covered buds that present different shades of green and orange, Dogstar Dawg feminized cannabis seeds create some of the most beautiful marijuana plants you´ll find in our seeds bank. These wonderful feminized seeds are easy to grow indoors using SCROG or SOG methods, and outdoor growers can also expect a high yield when grown in warm, Mediterranean style climates.

Indoor growers won’t require too much space, as while these plants are high yielding, they don’t grow out too much, and take very little pruning or care. And no need to worry –  When these marijuana seeds are ready, the recognisable pungent diesel tones with lovely hints of pine and citrus that will quickly take over your grow room.