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Girl Scout Cookies Phenotype

by Big Head Seeds

Big Head Seeds, Crystal Gelato is a descendent of Girl Scout Cookies, one of the most famous marijuana seeds around. With a fast flowering time, these feminized cannabis seeds are relatively easy to grow, but a little work is necessary on the side of the grower. 

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Crystal Gelato Strain Genetics

Big Head Seeds Crystal Gelato is a proud descendent of Girl Scout Cookies strain, one of the most famous marijuana seeds around and a multi-time cannabis cup winner, itself the offspring of another seeds bank legend, OG Kush. With strains of that magnitude in its genetics, Crystal Gelato has some big reputations to live up to.

However, they say pressure makes diamonds though, and the crystal-coated buds of Crystal Gelato certainly glimmer like expensive jewels! The family resemblance is strong, with a fast flowering time, this orange covered purple strain looks like its famous grandparent OG Kush, but a little more colourful.

Crystal Gelato Strain Terpene Profile

We are still developing the terpene profile for this Big Head Seed but the well-known genetics and distinct flavours of these feminized seeds mean we have a firm idea of the primary terpenes present here.

The dominant flavour of fresh berries with undertones of tangy citrus is likely to come from a classic terpene combination, bringing together limonene, the citrus terpene, caryophyllene, the spicy and peppery terpene, and myrcene, the old school herbal terpene with an earthy aftertaste. The plethora of flavours and aromas created by this terpene blend ensures a gentle tingle and a slight citrus tang to this high THC strain that stays on the tongue and lasts almost as long as the extended Crystal Gelato buzz!

Crystal Gelato Strain Effects

With powerful, THC driven effects, Big Head Seeds Crystal Gelato is top-shelf material, fit for even the fussiest of cannaseur.  

While the effects of Crystal Gelato are reminiscent of its Girl Scout Cookies ancestor, this strain adds an extra dimension to the high. The first, fast-acting sensation is one of absolute euphoria, combined with an energetic, creative sensation in the brain, a cerebral buzz making this an ideal daytime smoke.

The second stage of the Crystal Gelato high is smooth and gentle, creating full-body relaxation without couch lock, meaning you can still get stuff done, but you may not be working at full speed while you do it!

Crystal Gelato Medical Benefits

The medical marijuana genetics of Crystal Gelato cannabis seeds provide numerous potential benefits for both mind and body. Limonene and myrcene are thought to work together to create stress relief and may assist in reducing both the duration and the severity of anxiety symptoms.

If you´re looking for medicinal seeds, the very high THC level (up to 25%) of this multifaceted cannabis strain also makes Crystal Gelato a great choice for chronic pain, with the cannabinoid thought to work together with the caryophyllene terpene to assist the endocannabinoid system in providing pain relief for the body.

How to Grow Crystal Gelato Seeds

With a fast flowering time, these feminized cannabis seeds are relatively easy to grow, but a little work is necessary on the side of the grower. These plants can spread out, like the indica strains in its ancestry, so regular pruning is required. However, both SOG and SCROG growing methods should result in a high yield of stunning, resinous buds from these feminised seeds.

In mild to warm climates, sun-grown Crystal Gelato marijuana seeds can be very high yielding, ready to go around October time, while indoor growers can expect their harvest of purple-tinted, crystal-coated buds in no more than nine weeks.