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Afghani #1 x OG Kush

by Big Head Seeds

A welcome addition to our seeds bank, and one of the jewels in the crown of the Big Head Seeds collection, Big Head Confidential is an easy to grow Afghan crossbreed marijuana seed with intense indica-dominant effects and a subtle psychedelic edge. Available in feminised seeds only from the Big Head Seeds co, Big Head Confidential offers a rapid flowering time and high yield with impressive effects to relax both mind and body.

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Big Head Confidential Strain Genetics

Worthy of carrying the name of its renowned seed company, these feminized seeds combine genetics from two indica-heavy Afghan strains, with some Kush DNA thrown in for good measure.

Native to the mountains of Afghanistan, Afghan #1 is one of the oldest landrace strains known to man and purpose-bred for its heavy resin content and indica growth patterns. OG Afghan crossbreeds this original Afghan selection with OG Kush – a fast-growing, west coast classic favoured by cannabis connoisseurs worldwide.

This mighty duo makes the ultimate partnership, lending this quality marijuana seed its short flowering time, robust growth qualities and high THC content. The cream of the crop of Afghan strains, with Big Head Confidential’s powerful compound genetics, satisfaction should always be expected. 

Big Head Confidential Strain Terpene Profile

Those familiar with the aroma of Afghani strains will know exactly what to expect from Big Head Confidential. Like its parent plants, pinene, ocimene and myrcene blend together, creating a rare and refreshing pine forest fragrance, punctuated by notes of peppermint. 

Kush genetics and a high caryophyllene content inherited from OG Afghan give this cannabis strain its warming earthy taste, with bold, smoky flavours and alluring floral aromas defining this aromatic Big Head seed.

Big Head Confidential Strain Effects

Big Head Confidential provides a deeply calming experience for both mind and body. It’s powerful indica dominant effects will leave users in a sedated state, with an impressive THC content of 20-25% delivering a numbing, near-narcotic high that stops just short of brute force.

Heavy consumption can lead to mild psychedelic experiences, but these are recommended for experienced smokers as their intensity can be overwhelming. Ideal for nighttime use, Big Head Confidential is a multifaceted marijuana hybrid for those who like a heavy and intense impact.    

Big Head Confidential Strain Medical Benefits

For those looking to grow medical seeds, Afghan strains are highly valued for their therapeutic properties, and these cannabis seeds follow in a similar tradition.

With the presence of myrcene, a terpene famed for its sedative effect, the strain is especially relaxing for the mind has shown tremendous potential as an alternative treatment for insomnia and other related sleep disorders, whole ocimene and caryophyllene have anti-inflammatory properties that can help medical marijuana patients with injury and chronic pain.

Furthermore, alpha-pinene can help lessen the unwanted effects of THC, such as memory loss, perfect in a high THC strain such as this.

How to Grow Big Head Confidential Seeds

These cannabis seeds follow a similar growth pattern to their indica ancestors and successful growers can expect a fast-growing, plant packed with weighty resinous buds to emerge from these feminised seeds.

Wide-leafed strain and bursting in shades of purple and dark green, regular maintenance is required to keep this bushy cannabis strain from getting out of control, but its stocky indica dominant nature makes it ideal for indoor environments and those with little space.    

With potential yields of 400-500 gr/m2, the Big Head Confidential strain´s best quality is its heavy resin content. Oozing with THC rich resin, this quality is common to Afghan strains, but especially prominent in this phenotype, making it a great choice for creating cannabis concentrates.