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A remarkable cannabis hybrid strain with mysterious origins befitting its name, Alien Technology marijuana seeds offer one of the rarest feminized indica seeds currently available in our seeds bank. Brought to the market by Big Head Seeds for your sensory pleasure, this heavy-hitting pure indica marijuana strain is absolutely out of this world!

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Alien Technology Strain Genetics

Very little is known about Alien Technology cannabis seeds mysterious lineage. Supposedly bred from a handful of indica seeds obtained by a US soldier returning from Afghanistan, this cannabis strain is about as pure as they come and now available as these easy to grow feminized seeds.

Such landrace genetics have lent  Alien Technology feminized seeds aka Alien Tech – a highly potent physical hit that’s perfect for those seeking an all-natural, undiluted high. In fact, this Afghani marijuana strain is so formidable, it’s birthed some of the world’s most powerful cannabis seeds, including seed banks favourites Alien Kush and White Alien.

Alien Technology Strain Terpene Profile

As one might expect from a pure indica such as this, Alien Technology’s bold aroma is reminiscent of its Afghani parent plant and bursting with an earthy richness and lingering scents of cedar and sandalwood. 

This pungent fragrance is the result of a complex mix of caryophyllene, pinene, and myrcene terpenes and carries over to the plant’s spicy flavour. Smooth and skunky, with pleasing vanilla notes on the exhale and the chemical aftertaste of a diesel strain, its refined profile is sure to please fans of classic cannabis flavours.    

Alien Technology Strain Effects

Pure indica genetics have lent Alien Technology a potent THC level of 20-25% and a high that’s equal parts sedative and narcotic. Offering an otherworldly sensory experience to rival even the strongest kush strain, its long-lasting effects can linger for up to six hours, even after moderate consumption. As such, this high THC strain is only recommended for high-tolerance users.

Those brave enough to make first contact can expect an intense euphoric awakening married with knock-out physical effects. Its spacey psychoactive impact is best saved for nighttime use, blasting your mind away to the farthest reaches of the universe, while a deep sense of happiness and well-being gently ripples through your body.

Alien Technology Strain Medical Benefits

Unmixed indica strains are among the most highly prized of the medical marijuana market. Favoured for their relaxing and sedative effects, high levels of myrcene terpenes make phenotypes like Alien Tech ideal for those looking to grow medical seeds for curbing insomnia and similar sleep disorders.

When it comes to physical injury and muscular sprains,  Alien Technology can offer an effective natural alternative to traditional therapeutic options. Rich in both THC and caryophyllene – two chemical compounds known for their pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effects – this potent pure breed can be used as a medical cannabis to treat anything from mild discomfort to chronic pain.

How to Grow Alien Technology Strain Seeds

As one might expect, Alien Technology marijuana seeds exhibit typical indica growth characteristics. Cultivators can expect bushy, rugged cannabis plants from these easy to grow feminized seeds and a fast flowering time of 8-9 weeks.

Indica strains like this one are ideal for indoor growth due to their short and stocky nature but thrive equally well outdoors thanks to natural climate resistances.

An ice-white crystal coating gives Alien Tech’s emerald buds a frosted and fluffy appearance during the flowering phase, further adding to the complexity of these legendary indica seeds.

While yields may not be as high as with comparable indica strains, with Alien Technology feminized marijuana seeds, quality trumps quantity, and its potency and extended effects means a little goes a long, long way.