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Zkittlez x OG Kush

by Barneys Farm

One of the most colourful marijuana strains you’ll find, with a wide array of tropical fruit flavours to match, these Zkittlez OG Auto feminised cannabis seeds from Barney’s Farm are set to take the scene by storm! A high yielding, balanced indica/sativa hybrid, this is an autoflowering strain you need to be adding to your wishlist!

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Zkittlez OG Auto Strain Genetics

Cannaisseurs are going to be pretty sure from the name of this strain what’s going on in the genetics. As you are likely to have assumed, the fruity phenomenon and seed bank favourite Zkittlez (Grape Ape x Grapefruit) has been knocking boots with a bonafide superstar, the Cannabis Cup award-winning Cali classic, OG Kush. With Barney’s Farm’s own BF Super Auto #1 being added to the Zkittlez OG Auto to produce the autoflowering traits, the genetics are impressive.

Zkittlez OG Auto marijuana seeds enjoy growing traits, flavours, effects, and potential benefits picked right from the branches of the family tree, so let’s get into those!

Zkittlez OG Auto Strain Terpene Profile

The Zkittlez OG Auto aroma and flavours result from the rich and varied terpene profile at play. The classic Kush, skunky scents come via the classic cannabis terpene, myrcene, and provides a hearty basecoat for the masterpiece of tastes that’s to come.

Firstly, on the inhale, there’s a peppery tickle in the back of the throat; you can thank the spicy terpene, caryophyllene for this intriguing sensation. On the exhale, there’s more citrus fruit to the sensation, and that’s due to another Zkittlez OG Auto abundant terpene, limonene. The hoppy humulene is also present, combining with the other terps for a range of unbelievable aromas and that sweet, fruity, old-school skunk feeling.

Zkittlez OG Auto Strain Effects

The effects here are more than you may have ever imagined possible from an autoflower. There’s a two-stage buzz here, starting with a more thought-provoking, philosophical phase before that cerebral high gradually dissipates to be replaced by a cosmic calming experience for the body that will mean all those ideas you’ve just had will have to wait until the morning.

An excellent evening strain; get ready to get comfortable because you’re not going to want to go anywhere for a while, thanks to the Zkittlez OG Auto THC level of around 20%!

Zkittlez OG Auto Strain Medical Benefits

The first potential Zkittlez OG Auto medical benefits come in the first wave of the buzz spoke of above. This potent sensation has the potential, thanks to the blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, to assist the body’s pain response and may soften the effects of chronic pain conditions.

The second wave of the buzz relaxes the body and seems to settle everything down internally, making this one of those rare cannabis strains that may be able to supply relief for gastrointestinal pains and discomforts, both short term and long term.

How to Grow Zkittlez OG Auto Strain Seeds

These autoflowering feminized seeds do their West Coast genetics proud as soon as you start growing. A relatively swift flowering time of around 10 weeks from germination culminates in a Zkittlez OG Auto indoor yield of up to 600g/m2. That’s, quite frankly, an immense yield for an autoflowering strain, especially as you have almost nothing to do in order to cultivate these plants during growth!

Outdoor and greenhouse growers will see an equally impressive yield, with up to 400g per plant reported, and these plants showing excellent resistance to mould, pests (including spider mites), mildew, and colder temperatures. Expect an October harvest here and a host of stunning autoflowering plants providing a tasty smoke with a calming, uplifting buzz. Just a lovely strain in every way!