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Brazilian Landrace

by Barneys Farm

A long hunted Brazilian landrace provides the special lineage of the Utopia Haze. As a 90% sativa this strain provides a really strong, heady-high with euphoric qualities. A multi-prize winning strain, not for beginners. Utopia Haze is a hardy grower that does well in hot climates.

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Utopia Haze Genetics

Barney’s Farm took more than 3 years to perfect this unique strain, combining a legendary Brazilian landrace with specially selected, powerful phenotypes to create an almost pure sativa.

Utopia Haze Terpene Profile

A strong citrus flavour, with lemon and mint overtones. This strain also has a potent scent, reminiscent of spicy herbs or incense. There is also a pinch of pine or sandalwood mixed in with the typical lemon freshness we are accustomed to find in an almost pure sativa like this. Utopia Haze is a very refreshing vape.

Utopia Haze Effects

The potent concentration of THC (22%) in Utopia Haze ensures strong effects. For experienced consumers it brings a clear, cerebral high that encourages productivity, creativity and talkativeness. A real daytime strain for sativa-lovers who like to stay active.

Medical Benefits Utopia Haze

The THC is great for pain relief: think headaches, migraines, and aching muscles. It should also help with stress reduction. If you’re new to strong sativas, or prone to anxiety, start with small doses as high THC can make some folks uncomfortable. If you’re looking for a heavier body-high then perhaps opt for a more indica heavy strain instead, or one with higher CBD.

How to Grow Utopia Haze

Utopia Haze is good for both indoor, outdoor or greenhouse grows. This Haze loves hot climates and humidity like in its native Brazil, though it will fare well in more temperate climes too. Bred to be very hardy and disease and mould resistant, the plants grow up to 130cm. And flower after about 10 – 11 weeks producing very high yields in the process.