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Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie x Tropicana Cookies

by Barneys Farm

A mix of multiple seed bank classics, creating a unique yet simultaneously old-school flavour, Tropicanna Banana cannabis seeds are a sativa-dominant hybrid from Barney’s Farm Seeds. A potent, high THC strain with a bubbly personality, this is a chilled-out masterpiece.

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Tropicanna Banana Strain Genetics

On one side of the Tropicanna Banana lineage is Tropicanna, a phenotype of Tropicana  Cookies which blends Cali classic Girl Scout Cookies with Tangie for fruit and sweet wonders with touches of Afghani in the genetics. On the other side is Banana Kush, a mix of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze for those classic flavours.

So, you have high-quality OG Kush, along with Cookies, Haze, Skunk, and Afghani strains all at play here, acting as a herbal history of the very best cannabis has to offer. Tropicanna Banana marijuana seeds’ heritage also ensures a stiff THC content (around 25%), a fast-flowering time, and a host of medicinal potential.

Tropicanna Banana Strain Terpene Profile

The sweet and fruity GSC style flavours dominate the inhale thanks to two Tropicanna Banana dominant terpenes, the citrus heavy limonene and the pepper-tinged caryophyllene. The exhale has more of a fresh forest touch, thanks to pinene, while another terpene, humulene, adds a hoppy tingle on the tongue.

Tropicanna Banana aromas feel nostalgic and old-school, with myrcene providing those tones of classic Skunk and Haze strains. These different stages of taste and scent, from tropical fruits to candy to herbs and hops, take you on a beautiful, sensual journey that you’re never going to want to leave!

Tropicanna Banana Strain Effects

Talking of journeys, there’s quite the trip to go on with the effects of this Barney’s Farm hybrid marijuana strain! The Tropicanna Banana THC level makes sure you get a fast-acting kick from this cannabis, adding a fizzy, fuzzy, buzzy sensation to the brain for a little while. However, this fog will soon clear and be replaced by an uplifting, energising, cerebral high.

This makes Tropicanna Banana a good daytime strain (if you have time to let the initial mental mist dissipate) with long-lasting effects that should massage your body and brain throughout the day.

Tropicanna Banana Strain Medical Benefits

This feminised cannabis has a host of therapeutic potential, with the Tropicanna Banana medical benefits reported to include relief from the effects of stress. With high THC, limonene, and pinene all thought to offer stress-relieving abilities, daily and long-term stress may be alleviated.

Another potential purpose of these Tropicanna Banana medical seeds is to reduce the severity and longevity of the effects of depression. The uplifting, energising effects of this cannabis strain can benefit both in lifting mood and invigorating energy and drive to get things done and aiding other depression symptoms.

How to Grow Tropicanna Banana Strain Seeds

The Tropicana Banana flowering time is pleasingly swift for indoor growers, especially since minimal effort is necessary with these feminised seeds. These plants grow low and not too leafy, so you shouldn’t need to do too much pruning to keep things stable. However, the small stature of these cannabis plants does not affect the Tropicanna Banana yield, which is remarkably large, offering yields of 700g/m2 inside.

Outdoor growers may see yields of as high as 2kg per plant, which is really high, especially for plants that rarely grow taller than 1.5 metres. When growing these feminized seeds outdoors, stick to greenhouses outside of very warm, temperate climates as these seeds (while resistant to mildew and spider mites) do not like the cold! Treat them well, and a mass of thick, dense, pungent buds coated in crystal trichomes and releasing tones of sweet tropical fruit will be your reward about 10 weeks from germination.