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G13 x Afghani #1 x Neville's A5 Haze

by Barneys Farm

Fancy having yourself a Tangerine Dream? A 2010 Cannabis Cup winner, Tangerine Dream from the seeds company Barneys Farm is something of a growers choice. For those looking for a challenging yet rewarding grow, Tangerine Dream is just the ticket. With immense yielding potential, this sativa dominant hybrid feminized cannabis strain with an impressively rapid flowering time of only eight weeks is not to be missed.

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Tangerine Dream Genetics

Tangerine Dream marijuana seeds were first produced at Barneys Farm in Amsterdam, where its creators blended three legendary and highly sought-after strains – G13, Afghani and Nevilles A5 Haze to produce this pungent yet surprisingly energetic strain.

The indica dominance of Afghani and potent cannabis cup winner G13 as well as the high THC strain, Nevilles a5 Haze, lend their genetics to the layers of sticky white trichomes and orange pistils that coat the resinous buds of Tangerine Dream when it’s fully grown.

Tangerine Dream Terpene Profile

A diverse and sensory-overloading terpene profile characterizes Tangerine Dream. Although myrcene is the most prominent here, caryophyllene and limonene can also be detected. Its intense citrus fragrance and sweet earthiness are most likely inherited from the haze strains in Tangerine Dream’s DNA genetics.

Tasting is always a pleasure with this feminized cannabis strain – Its rich and pungent flavours are bursting with citrus notes and subtle skunk undertones. On exhale, a lasting tone of orange zest hit quickly, along with a more subtle spicy tang that sizzles away on the palate.

Tangerine Dream Effects

The world looks better through tangerine tinted glasses, and that’s certainly true with this hybrid cannabis strain. A relatively high in THC strain, (around 16%) the effects of Tangerine Dream are euphoric and uplifting, relaxing the body while simultaneously inspiring the mind.

This combination makes Tangerine Dream a productive daytime strain, providing a little boost of energy that makes tasks feel that little bit easier, and a euphoric buzz that makes them a great deal more fun! The relaxing edge from this marijuana strain makes this an excellent choice for nighttime as well, likely causing some creative and exciting dreams. 

Medicinal Benefits of Tangerine Dream

The potential medicinal value offered by Tangerine Dream feminized cannabis seeds may be particularly useful for those looking for the medicinal benefits of cannabis without sacrifice to productivity. This could be especially true of chronic pain sufferers, as the relatively high THC content combines with caryophyllene to provide potential pain relief. 

There have also been suggestions that this hybrid strain is particularly effective at treating Fibromyalgia. This is due to the potential painkilling properties that may be gained from THC, myrcene, and caryophyllene. The medical cannabis potential of Tangerine Dream is further enhanced by a possible reduction in symptoms of Fibrofog (confused multiple thoughts that develop from patients who have Fibromyalgia) thanks to the possibility of limonene increasing serotonin and dopamine levels in the body.

How To Grow Tangerine Dream

Available in feminized seeds, Tangerine Dream is a heavy yielder with large and dense colas. Providing the right care is taken during the vegetation stage, and while curing. While not a cannabis seed for beginner gardeners, this extraordinary strain could be considered something of an expert growers choice.

Tangerine Dream female seeds are ideally suited for an indoor growing environment and will thrive in a hydroponic setup. Best results can be expected by using SOG (Sea of Green) and maintaining a moderate temperature of 68 – 80 deg F.  Heavy pruning is required during vegetation to keep good airflow as tangerine Dream isn’t the easiest to trim, due to its Haze genetics and resin production. Plant height is relatively tall, with a large yield of between 900 and 1800g/m2 possible following a quick-fire flowering time of just 8-10 weeks.