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For a psychoactive sugar rush the likes you’ve never encountered, try Sweet Tooth – a high THC cannabis cultivar from Barney’s Farm with multiple cup-winning credentials and a satisfying indica-based buzz.

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Sweet Tooth Auto Genetic Profile

Combining three potent landrace cannabis strains – Hawaiian, Nepalese, and Afghani – Sweet Tooth lineage has picked up numerous awards for its phenomenal taste and superior genetics. Bred by the marijuana mavericks at the Barney’s Farm seed bank and winner of the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup, this incomparable indica-dominant hybrid has a delicious candy flavour, promising psychoactive effects and remarkable resin production rates that make it essential for extract experimentalists and sugar junkies alike.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor planting and previously unavailable to commercial growers, this fruity fan-favourite may not be the most powerful strain on the market, but you’ll be hard pushed to find another phenotype that’s quite this gratifying. Fresh in stock at the MGS online store as feminized photoperiod cannabis seeds, Sweet Tooth marijuana seeds make cultivating quality homegrown cannabis a treat for all the senses.

Sweet Tooth Terpene Profile

This mouthwatering marijuana plant didn’t get its name by accident. Like a siren’s song for the taste buds, its remarkable flavour and aroma are sweet and captivating, with subtle floral scents, kush spice, and hints of vanilla and tree fruit coming through. Its sugary smell can overtake a room in record time, meaning growers will need to invest in some sort of odour-reducing mechanism if planning to cultivate inside. Sweet Tooth flavour also features herbal undertones and a magical candy aftertaste that’ll make you feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

It’s difficult to determine exactly which combination of terpenes and flavonoids give this tantalising strain its candy taste. What we do know is that Sweet Tooth dominant terpenes surely include limonene and myrcene — two of the sweeter chemical compounds that are commonly found in the cannabis plant. Linalool is likely responsible for the flowery scents that linger in the nose once its sugary smells have dissipated, and caryophyllene may also contribute its own nuances to help round out the flavour.

Sweet Tooth Strain Effects

Sweet Tooth was named for its flavour, but its psychoactive influence is just as pleasant. Fast-acting and long-lasting, it’s a bit more balanced than the average indica-dominant hybrid with an uplifting and mildly euphoric but deeply relaxing high that affects both the mind and body. Sweet Tooth effects can last for up to three hours, so while we wouldn’t recommend it for heavy daytime use, it makes the perfect aperitif or after-dinner treat if you’re looking to unwind or awaken your appetite.

Sweet Tooth THC level can average anywhere from 14-16% and is unlikely to exceed 19% even if utilizing cannabinoid boosting techniques. Its low CBD level and moderate THC content have lent it a gentle influence that’s suitable for moderate-frequent users but far from low impact, so avoid overconsumption unless you’re of a particularly high tolerance. Be warned — it may be hard to resist going back for a second helping because this gourmet triple threat is the next best thing to a pudding binge.

Sweet Tooth Medical Benefits

They say a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, but what if the medicine was already sugar sweet? This remarkable plant isn’t only for sensory enjoyment as Sweet Tooth medical benefits also mean that it’s effective in a curative capacity. Great for stimulating appetite and providing chronic pain relief, patients with digestive disorders or undergoing chemotherapy may find its dual indica/sativa effects the perfect combination for helping restore healthy eating habits.

This phenotype is also a phenomenal stress-reliever. For growers with chronic stress, Sweet Tooth medical seeds are a worthwhile consideration as the mild influence of the plant is unlikely to cause any undue side effects or increase your anxiety levels. Linalool and myrcene are both known for their calming influence, so if you’re tired of running yourself ragged, this balanced but effective Hawaiian x Afghani x Nepalese hybrid may be a suitable strain for you.

How to Grow Sweet Tooth Strain

This strain is highly recommended for novice growers as it offers high yields with hardly any input. Growing Sweet Tooth cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors are both viable options, but as already mentioned, its smell can become very intense during flowering. Durable, pest resistant, and following a short, squat growth pattern, it’s highly adaptable to training techniques, yield-boosting methods like SCROG or Sea of Green, and produces plenty of bright green buds.

Expect a thick coating of white trichomes covering your marijuana plants from top to bottom, giving it a sugar-dusted appearance and tons of bag appeal. If treated with due care and fed heavily during the vegetative stage, Sweet Tooth indoor yield can exceed 550g per m/2 or up to 600g per plant outdoors.

Sweet Tooth flowering time is in the medium range for a feminized marijuana strain. It should enter its flowering period around eight-nine weeks from germination and will be ready to harvest in late September/early October if grown outside. All things considered, it’s a superb selection for a first time attempt at cannabis cultivation but also is a dynamite choice if you’re a more seasoned grower with an eye towards concentrate creation.