Buy Strawberry Lemonade strain seeds

Strawberry x Lemon OG

by Barneys Farm

The perfect psychoactive thirst quencher, Strawberry Lemonade is a sativa-leaning cannabis cross from Barney’s Farm with a fizzy fruity taste to tingle the taste buds and a high THC content to bubble the brain.

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Strawberry Lemonade Strain Genetics

A special brew from the expert breeders down at Barney’s Farm, Strawberry Lemonade lineage blends Strawberry – a sativa-dominant powerhouse originating from the Netherlands – with the seedbank’s phenomenal Lemon OG strain, resulting in a delicious marijuana medley of earthy strawberry, skunk, and sour citrus flavours and invigorating euphoric effects.

One of the heaviest producers we’ve seen in some time – providing up to 2.5kg of bud for outdoor growers – Strawberry Lemonade marijuana seeds are now available from MGS in a feminized variety, offering a refreshing psychoactive twist on the classic flavour pairing from where they get their name. 

Strawberry Lemonade Strain Terpene Profile

While inheriting some of its kush relatives’ skunky aroma, as with Lemon OG, this particular strain has a mild taste and smell. Expect sour citrus notes with hashy undertones coming through on the inhale, which are met with the powerful taste of summer berries, giving Strawberry Lemonade flavour a refreshing soda pop quality that’ll whisk you away to a hot August afternoon. 

Myrcene and limonene are Strawberry Lemonade dominant terpenes and the source of its sweet and satisfying profile. Found in orange peel, mangos and many other plants, while these delicious tasting terpenes form only a small part of the complex chemical structure of cannabis, their influence on a strain’s flavour and effects can be enormous. 

Strawberry Lemonade Strain Effects

As a slightly sativa-leaning pheno, Strawberry Lemonade effects may have a larger influence over a user’s mental state than a balanced or indica-dominant hybrid. Inspiring cheerfulness, creativity, with a complementary sense of physical relaxation arriving in the later stages, it’s great for users who prefer to feel uplifted and a more stimulating psychoactive experience.  

Lab tests have reported Strawberry Lemonade THC levels as averaging above 20%, making this sativa monster a little stronger than most. Novices should proceed with caution when consuming as it’s heady high might be a little too hot to handle. For seasoned smokers, this Strawberry x Lemon OG cross is the perfect daytime strain, but as with most cannabis varieties, moderation is the key to avoid succumbing to its relaxing effects.

Strawberry Lemonade strain Medical Benefits

Those suffering from fatigue – both mental and physical – will find Strawberry Lemonade medical benefits particularly valuable. Limonene is a known stimulant and can also stabilize mood and sharpen focus, making this phenotype fantastic for boosting energy levels and aiding patients with ADHD. 

On the other hand, myrcene is famed for its sleep-inducing effects, giving Strawberry Lemonade medical seeds a sedative kick that can be used to alleviate insomnia. Whether you’re craving a good night’s sleep or just looking for a little euphoric lift, this high THC, low CBD blend is custom made for soothing tired minds and bodies.

How to Grow Strawberry Lemonade Strain

Strong sativa genes mean this feminized strain can reach up to 250cm in height if grown outdoors, but with proper maintenance and space is also highly suitable for indoor cultivation. Growers opting for the latter approach can expect massive yields of up to 750g per m2. Outside, Strawberry Lemonade yields can push 2.5kg, making this one of the heaviest hybrid producers around.

With a strong resistance against cold and coping well with moulds and pests, these photoperiod cannabis seeds are ideal for novice cultivators and grow in the typical Christmas tree shape that’s common to sativa varieties. Producing plenty of fiery amber nuggets in around 8-9 weeks from germination, Strawberry Lemonade flowering time means it won’t be long before you’re savouring its sugary sour taste.