Buy Runtz Muffin strain seeds

Zkittlez x Gelato 33 x Orange Punch

by Barneys Farm

Runtz Muffin is a pungent yet sweet offering from the Netherlands favourite seedbank, Barney’s Farm. This gorgeous, resin-covered high THC level indica-dominant hybrid cannabis packs a serious punch, delivering a potent and long-lasting high.

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Runtz Muffin Strain Genetics

A little dig around in the family tree of Runtz Muffin marijuana seeds uncovers some genuine legends of the cannabis world. The parents of this strain are Cookies descendants Zkittlez and Gelato #33, along with Orange Punch. This ensures a host of Cookies, Kush, and Skunk strains in the Runtz Muffin lineage, and that’s apparent in the flavour profile.

It isn’t just the sumptuous sea of fruity flavours that this cannabis strain that is owed to its parents, however. Orange Punch is a high THC content strain, and Runtz Muffin makes its mama proud with its immense strength, eeking towards a mammoth 30% THC level.

Runtz Muffin Strain Terpene Profile

With the genetics mentioned above, you know you’ve got some sweet from Zkittlez x Gelato #33), and you know you’ve got some fruity (Orange Punch), but there’s so much more than that occurring in the Runtz Muffin flavours and aromas.

The classic herbal tones of the skunk grandparent are provided by one of the Runtz Muffin dominant terpenes, myrcene, while the citrus edge comes via a hearty dose of limonene, add in pinene (pine flavours) and caryophyllene (for a peppery kick), and you get a full sweet shop of flavours with hints of orange marzipan and spicy pineapple, joined by lavender undertones that tickle the throat on the inhale, and caresses the lips on exhale for a stunning, smoke.

Runtz Muffin Strain Effects

You are going to remember Runtz Muffin. The insanely high THC levels in this epic feminised cannabis ensure a near-immediate effect, but not one that’ll knock you out. Couch-lock isn’t the way here, instead, the Runtz Muffin buzz is more chilled, euphoric, relaxing, and body-hugging.

The stresses of the day will disappear through your shoulders as the smouldering, herbal massage provided by this marijuana strain slowly makes its way to every part of your body, moving you slowly and steadily towards a feeling of delightful sedation, that is followed by a well-deserved night of peaceful rest.

Runtz Muffin Strain Medical Benefits

The Runtz Muffin medical benefit potential has many branches to it, including the possible relief of anxiety symptoms. The cerebral and mind-relaxing high of this medicinal marijuana may aid in subduing not only the intensity of symptoms of anxiety but also their duration too.

Additionally, and somewhat connected to the above, Runtz Muffin medical seeds may also offer a helping hand to those living with insomnia, either on a short-term or long-term basis. Sleepiness and relaxation are two of the most notable effects of this strain, thanks to the terpene and cannabinoid combination and may result in aiding not only getting to sleep but also staying asleep through the night.

How to Grow Runtz Muffin Strain Seeds

The Runtz Muffin feminized seeds flowering time for indoor growers is pleasingly swift, with nugs regularly ready to go in as little as 7 weeks from germination of these feminized cannabis seeds. This is even more exciting for inside gardeners as there’s very little that you need to do, these plants don’t grow much taller than a metre, so short of occasional light changes, you can just kick back and wait.

Outdoor growers will see bigger plants, some two metres plus, which results in the Runtz Muffin yield, which is impressive indoors, being even larger for outdoor and greenhouse growers. Towards harvest time,  the sweet, citrus, lavender tones will become apparent, and dense buds full of subtle purples, rich oranges, and deep green hues will begin to appear, coated in trichomes for a truly eye-catching appearance.