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California Orange Bud x NYC Diesel

by Barneys Farm

Red Diesel from Barney’s Farm is a big seller in Amsterdam’s coffeeshops with an extraordinary flavour and immediate head-high. A potent, yet evenly balanced hybrid strain, fans of New York City Diesel will love with this impressive cross from Barney’s Farm.

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Red Diesel Genetics

Red Diesel is the hybrid hit created when Barney’s Farm crossed California Orange Bud with NYC Diesel. The former, California Orange, first became popular in California and Amsterdam in the 1990s. It was then that Barney’s Farm seized the opportunity to cross this mellow, easy-to-grow indica with the Soma Seeds original, New York City Diesel. The result, a perfect balance of indica and sativa lineage bursting with the flavours of both parents.

Red Diesel Terpene Profile

Red Diesel has a very distinctive taste and aroma with the kerosene-like, sharp high notes and musty, citrus edge. The flowers smell like an exotic mix of lemon and mango subdued by a strong, lemon gas finish. Those who enjoy sour flavours will certainly enjoy Red Diesel.

Red Diesel Effects

Red Diesel has an immediate cerebral effect that uplifts and energizes. These sensations are balanced by a calm, euphoric state of tranquillity. Both relaxing and motivating, cannaisseurs enjoy Red Diesel’s creatively productive high best during the day.

Medical Benefits Red Diesel

Red Diesel may help with appetite loss as well as anxiety and stress. With a high level of THC content, Red Diesel can help increase energy levels and motivation. She might also reduce symptoms of nausea. Red Diesel expresses traits of both indica and sativa, so medical users can expect a relaxing, sedative high, which can help to reduce inflammation of muscles and joints, posture pains and a general therapeutic state of well-being.

How to Grow Red Diesel

Available in feminised seeds, Red Diesel grows quite tall when flowered and can reach an average height of 100cm. Growing similar in appearance to New York City Diesel, its long side-branches often need staking for support. Red Diesel can stretch considerably during the first few weeks of flowering, so using a SCROG is recommended. That’s why this strain is better suited for intermediate growers who have experience with sativa hybrids. Outdoors this strain can perform well, however, best results are achieved in hotter climates.