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OG Kush x Phantom Cookies

by Barneys Farm

Phantom OG is a cannabinoid-rich kush and cookies combo from the folks at Barney’s Farm that packs a monstrous sativa buzz to scare your worries away and send a tingle down your spine.

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Phantom OG Strain Genetics

There’s no reason to fear this uncanny sativa-dominant hybrid. As with all Barney’s Farm releases, Phantom OG marijuana seeds have been crafted with the utmost care, ensuring easy growth and excellent results regardless of experience.

Phantom OG lineage blends the best of both worlds. OG Kush – one of the all-time indica-dominant classics – has been paired with the sativa-dominant Phantom Cookies, producing a versatile hybrid with huge advantages over both its parent plants. From its sativa side, which benefits from A-listers like Granddaddy Purple and Cherry Pie, the pheno inherits its flavours of walnut, unique colouration, and giggly euphoric kick, while its Kush connection has resulted in a short flowering period and higher yield, while also boosting the THC content.  

Phantom OG Strain Terpene Profile

Phantom OG flavour and aroma provides an inspiring spin on the delicious and unusual taste of Phantom Cookies. Seasoned smokers will surely recognise the calling cards of OG Kush within its spicy citrus scent and chemical undertones, but an earthy flavour of roasted walnut and wild berry is what sets this phenotype apart from others in the OG family.

Caryophyllene is Phantom OG dominant terpene, as is the case with most kush cultivars. Limonene and myrcene can also be found in high concentrations in Phantom OG seeds, along with humulene – a terpene formerly classified as a-caryophyllene – which not only helps to modify the pheno’s nutty flavour but can also be utilised for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Phantom OG Strain Effects

As a sativa-dominant strain, Phantom OG effects tend toward the cerebral side of the psychoactive spectrum. After the initial uplifting euphoric jolt, users can expect a noticeable boost in mood, fits of giggles and a sharpened sense of concentration. Eventually, this evolves into a comforting stone effect as the indica influence of OG Kush kicks in. 

Phantom OG THC levels have not yet been analysed but are likely to range between 18 and 22% as per its parent strains. Its energising influence allows it to be consumed throughout the day without issue, lifting spirits and enhancing creative focus, but low tolerance users should adjust their dosage accordingly to avoid crashing out in the later stages of the high.

Phantom OG strain Medical Benefits

While prized for its powerful phantasmagoric effects, this pheno isn’t just for recreational use. Phantom OG medical benefits are wide-ranging and can have a curative influence on both body and mind. Caryophyllene and humulene are excellent for reducing pain and swelling, and these anti-inflammatory qualities make Phantom OG medical seeds suburb for strains, sports injuries and reducing muscle tension. 

Furthermore, this high THC, low CBD strain’s invigorating qualities can help reduce fatigue and temper mood disorders, giving patients a boost of focused energy when they need it the most.

How to Grow Phantom OG Strain

Available in feminized seeds, growing Phantom OG cannabis seeds isn’t too much trouble, but novice growers should be aware of their sativa-typical characteristics. Reaching up to 1.5m when grown outdoors, this strain can easily dominate a growth environment but will thrive equally well indoors if given enough space. We recommend topping or low-stress training (LST) in the early stages of growth to help keep things from getting too cramped. With proper conditions and a little LTC, Phantom OG yields can reach up to 650g per m2. 

Producing big and beautiful purple-tinted plants that are wreathed in vivid orange hairs and crystalline trichomes, with Phantom OG flowering time of 7-8 weeks from germination, you won’t have to wait long to see it in all its glory. Now available from MGS as photoperiod seeds, this original strain from the Barney’s Farm seedbank is the perfect crowd pleaser; its idiosyncratic appearance ideal for fans of the unusual.