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Orange Cream x Purple Urkle x Cherry Pie

by Barneys Farm

Orange Sherbert is a high potency Barney’s Farm Seeds strain named in part for the rich and deep orange pistils that appear on the buds amidst a sea of dark greens and purples. Combining flavour-heavy classics, this high THC, indica-dominant hybrid is a classic in the making!

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Orange Sherbert Strain Genetics

This All-American cannabis strain is the product of three top-shelf seedbank favourites which ensure an almost pure indica here (with only about 20% sativa involved in the Orange Sherbert lineage). The parents here are Orange Cream x Purple Urkle x Cherry Pie, each bringing its own personality to the complex, rich genetic makeup of Orange Sherbert marijuana seeds.

Expect Kush and Haze classic traits here and some serious respect due, with the likes of Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies in the heritage of these Orange Sherbet seeds. It is that GSC sweetness that you may experience first here, but rest assured, this is far more than just a one-dimensional cannabis strain!

Orange Sherbert Strain Terpene Profile

A deep terpene profile is responsible for the unique and intriguing Orange Sherbert aromas and flavours. One of the abundant terpenes, myrcene, provides a classic base of Skunk and Kush scents, while limonene adds those fruity citrus touches that define this strain, but that’s just the beginning.
Other Orange Sherbert dominant terpenes include caryophyllene (rich and peppery tones), pinene (forest freshness), terpinolene (herbal, floral) and ocimene (sweet and woody), which combine to produce a cacophony of sensations for the tongue and nose. Together, you’ll get strong notes of tangerine over a floral background, with that old-school earthy cannabis scent drifting across occasionally.

Orange Sherbert Strain Effects

The Orange Sherbert THC level (over 20%) has a lot to do with the potent and fast-acting effects of this marijuana strain. Strap in for a quick-acting full-body buzz that creates a deep and extended feeling of inner peace for both body and mind.

This is an evening and night strain, not a good accompaniment if you have things to do, but the perfect companion for kicking back and listening to music or shooting the breeze with loved ones before drifting into a herbally-assisted sleep that will be one of the most relaxed you’ve ever had!

Orange Sherbert Strain Medical Benefits

Orange Sherbert medical benefits have a host of potential medical benefits, headlined by a reduction in the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Life can be challenging for us all sometimes, and whether the symptoms are long-term or short-term, the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes create an uplifting and relaxing effect that can counteract those symptoms.

Another widespread use for these Orange Sherbert cannabis seeds is for those living with insomnia. If you are struggling either getting to sleep or staying asleep (or both), this high THC strain may assist in reducing those issues, providing support for a night of deep sleep.

How to Grow Orange Sherbert Strain Seeds

Growing Orange Sherbert feminized seeds (autoflowering seeds aren’t currently available) are not the easiest to grow, but they are more than worth the effort. Indoor growers should have life easiest, with trimming and pruning of side branches, and occasional light changes necessary to ensure optimum harvest in 8-10 weeks from germination.

Outdoor growers will also have to ensure they treat these plants well, but one bit of good news is that these feminized marijuana seeds are sturdy and reliant, doing a good job of handling the cold, as well as fending off spider mites, mildew, and other potential issues. As long as you ensure regular trimming and keep your plants well-fed, around September, you should get an impressive Orange Sherbert harvest of around 700g per plant. Expect a variety of beautiful scents on these big, colourful and potent buds.