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Moby Dick x BF Super Auto #1

by Barneys Farm

The great white whale that all cannabis obsessives have been searching for, Moby Dick Auto is a monstrous autoflowering hybrid from the Barney’s Farm seed bank that blends two classic cannabis superstars into a single heavy-yielding, fast-flowering sativa delight.

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Moby Dick Auto Genetic Profile

What do you get when you blend White Widow auto with a Haze auto plant, both of which have been supercharged with ruderalis genes? The answer is a stupendous sativa-dominant leviathan that dwarfs the competition. Moby Dick Auto lineage is a formidable combination of two tried and tested marijuana titans, but with added autoflowering DNA for easy and effective home growth. Bred by Barney’s Farm with high yields in mind, it’s a phenomenal producer with a gentle but intoxicating psychoactive strike that hits like an ocean wave.

Not only does this big yielding have a seed-harvest time of just two short months, but it’s also incredibly resinous, easy to manage, and boasts a fruity skunky flavour profile that’s worth sailing across the world for. Thankfully, you won’t have to embark on an epic voyage to try it at home because Moby Dick Auto marijuana seeds are now fresh in stock at the MGS online store as autoflowering seeds.

Moby Dick Auto Terpene Profile

Moby Dick Auto aroma blends pungent and slightly sour skunk scents with the earthy citrus bouquet of its Haze parent. Its eyewatering smell will become even more intense once the plant begins to flower, but fortunately, its autoflower genes ensure this period won’t last too long. Its taste has a similar citrus flavour with undertones of cedar, kush, incense and freshly cut grass giving it a refreshing mouthfeel.

Myrcene is often cited as the terpene responsible for the skunky smells of cannabis, but this sedative, tropical-tasting terpene is more commonly associated with sweet indica plants. Alpha pinene and limonene are also among Moby Dick Auto dominant terpenes, which help explain the strain’s woody notes and citrus taste. These chemicals also contribute to the strain’s energising and anxiolytic effects, making it a great option if you’re an anxiety sufferer.

Moby Dick Auto Strain Effects

Moby Dick Auto effects are uplifting and sativa typical but not so overpowered that you’ll feel out of your depth. Expect a strong cerebral hit and stimulating euphoric effects that will liven up your day without interrupting your productivity levels. Entirely suitable for daytime use and for sharing in social situations, if you’re hunting for a strain that’s effective but won’t drag you down, this user-friendly sativa pheno is worth getting acquainted with.

Moby Dick Auto THC levels aren’t exceptionally high but still sufficient for regular consumers. Its average THC concentration can range from 13-17% and while not the heaviest hitter, still delivers potent and satisfying effects.

We also don’t recommend this autoflowering cannabis strain for late evening use as its energising effects may leave you climbing the walls when you should be getting a good night’s sleep.

Moby Dick Auto Medical Benefits

When anxiety-ridden and in need of a lifesaver, Moby Dick medical seeds may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Although high THC cannabis strains can actually exacerbate anxious feelings, gentler strains and those high in calming terpenes like limonene and linalool can have the opposite effect.

Sativa strains are prized by daytime consumers due to their stimulating effects. Fatigue suffers will find that this strain won’t make them sleepy like many other marijuana varieties and can actually help with motivational problems. Moby Dick Auto medical benefits can help low-energy users boost their productivity, with studies in mice showing that limonene and alpha-pinene terpenes can actually increase cognitive function.

How to Grow Moby Dick Auto Strain

While the original Moby Dick strain is known for its noticeable sativa growth traits, this auto-flowering version is slightly different. Far quicker to flower and easy to maintain, Moby Dick Auto cannabis seeds are suitable for indoor or outdoor growth and can reach around 70-130cm in height if left to their own devices.

Despite being shorter than many similar strains, Moby Dick Auto yields are some of the most impressive you’ll ever find from a sativa-dominant plant, reaching up to 550g per m/2 inside or a whopping 650g per plant outdoors.

Along with these good yields, Moby Dick Auto´s flowering time is only 10-11 weeks from germination, allowing for perpetual harvests. Typical of a sativa, it produces long, slightly loose buds that a light green in colour, wreathed in amber trichomes, and absolutely dripping in resin. It’s worth researching the differences between autoflowering phenotypes and photoperiod varieties when attempting to grow this strain. Try not to overfeed your plants, make sure to provide plenty of sunlight, and consider growing in a specialised autoflowering pot for optimum growth.