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Mimosa Evo x Orange Punch

by Barneys Farm

A cultivator’s fantasy from Barney’s Farm’s skilled breeders, Mimosa x Orange Punch cannabis seeds are a high THC level, indica-dominant dream with a citrusy, candy flavour, an uplifting high, and a large indoor and outdoor harvest.

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Mimosa x Orange Punch Strain Genetics

The genetics of this Mimosa x Orange Punch cannabis strain is stated in its name, a blend that maintains the high yielding sativa nature of Mimosa Evo, an offspring of Cali favourite Purple Punch, and crosses in extra indica genetics to create more compact, less branchy plants that save a lot of space for the grower.

It is Barney’s Farm’s legendary Orange Punch that is used to add the extra benefits to this marijuana strain, resulting in a colourful, trichome coat that’s great for resin extraction.

Mimosa x Orange Punch Strain Terpene Profile

The flavours of this hybrid strain are fruit-heavy, bringing strong notes of tangy tangerine and balancing those tastes and aromas with a candy-sweet undertone that’ll make your mouth water! The inhale is all citrus here, a slightly sour tinge that makes way for a sweet orange aftertaste. For the exhale, there’s a more floral bouquet to be found, while those same fruity scents still dominate.

The abundant terpenes that create this array of scintillating sensual sensations are limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and linalool. Other terps like myrcene help to add depth to the variety of flavours.

Mimosa x Orange Punch Strain Effects

The high THC content of around 23% ensures a potent and fast-acting kick from this feminised marijuana strain, but the effects are less sedative than those numbers may lead you to assume. Instead, what you get here is a euphoric, happy buzz that will have you giggling for the entire evening.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to kick back with friends after work and shoot the breeze until the early hours, this Mimosa Evo x Orange Punch feminised strain is the perfect accompaniment, a long-lasting high that, while relaxing for the body, avoids couch-lock and instead provides a hearty dose of mental energy.

Mimosa x Orange Punch Strain Medical Benefits

The medical marijuana genetics present in this Barney’s Farm seed company strain focus mainly on mind and mood. One of the most reported potential benefits is the alleviation of stress, whether related to ongoing anxiety or the result of a difficult day, the uplifting high may aid in reducing related symptoms.

Additionally, the rich terpene and cannabinoid profile have the possible result of reducing depression symptoms, lessening the severity and potentially also cutting down how long they last, which may raise mood and aid day to day function, as well as improving sleep patterns.

How to Grow Mimosa x Orange Punch Strain Seeds

Barney’s Farm produces these feminised seeds with the specific aim of creating fast flowering, compact plants that offer a huge yield, and the results are genuinely impressive indoor flowering time of 55-60 days from germination is all that it’ll take to produce an indoor yield of up to up to 700gr/m2 from plants that rarely top 80cms in height.

For outdoor and greenhouse growers (with favourable weather conditions), these Mimosa x Orange Punch marijuana seeds will be ready to harvest in mid-September, offering a frankly startling outdoor yield of 1.5kg per plant – despite the height staying well under two metres! Quantity and quality come hand in hand here, with dense buds with that dank, candy orange smell at harvest time accompanied by an array of eye-catching colours, including oranges pistils, purple hues, and the dark green base of the pinecone shaped nugs.