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Mimosa x Orange Punch

by Barneys Farm

With its refreshing citrus flavour and titanic THC-levels pushing up to 30%, Mimosa Evo is a fruity and zesty indica-dominant hybrid from Barney’s Farm that takes brunching to the next level.

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Mimosa Evo Strain Genetics

Mimosa Evo cannabis seeds are among the most exciting and anticipated releases to come out of Barney’s Farm seeds for some time. Marking a collaboration between the Dutch seed bank and Californian breeders Symbiotic Genetics, this high THC, low CBD strain combines their own high-quality Orange Punch phenotype with Mimosa, a famous Emerald Triangle cut born from Clementine and Purple Punch.

Mimosa Evo lineage has resulted in a zesty and slightly-indica dominant citrus strain that’s rich in star-studded cannabinoids and terpenes. Now available from MGS as feminized seeds, making successful cultivation an absolute cinch regardless of experience, expect supercharged yields, a quick flowering period, and a THC content that can push 30%.

Mimosa Evo Strain Terpene Profile

Like a cool refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day, Mimosa Evo weed quenches like nothing else. Like its namesake, growers can expect punchy tangerine flavours and other refreshing citrus notes that characterise this sunkissed strain. Mimosa Evo flavour also features welcome hints of berry and tropical fruit punch to really help get the party started.

Mimosa Evo dominant terpenes are myrcene and limonene. These aromatic compounds are also found in many citrus fruits, explaining this pheno’s tart but tasty flavour, but in cannabis, their psychoactive effects are especially pronounced due to the species’ very high concentrations.

Mimosa Evo Strain Effects

Mimosa Evo might be slightly indica-leaning, but it shouldn’t leave you dizzy and tired like an overindulgent boozy brunch. This is the perfect daytime strain, promoting long-lasting euphoric but restful effects that will keep you floating in a dreamy sense of satisfaction throughout the whole day. In small doses, Mimosa Evo effects will leave you clearheaded, happy and motivated to take on any mundane task, but in excess, it’s uplifting influence quickly changes to sedation.

This strain is prized for its extremely high THC content. Mimosa Evo THC levels average between 24-26%, but professional growers may be able to attain as high as 30%, making this powerful phenotype unsuitable for novice users. Even experienced consumers should take extra special care not to overdo it.

Mimosa Evo strain Medical Benefits

This rising star of the cannabis community is also something of a medical marvel. Thanks to its super high THC content and rich terpene profile, Mimosa Evo medical benefits are very effective, and many marijuana patients use it to relieve symptoms associated with depression and stress. Its calming and mood-lifting abilities will put any worry to rest, at least temporarily, and, due to the entourage effect, these qualities are particularly pronounced.

Mimosa Evo medical seeds are also suitable for treating sleeping disorders like insomnia. Working in harmony with THC, myrcene terpenes give the strain a strong sedative boost in high doses, which can be utilised to make the most of bedtime.

How to Grow Mimosa Evo Strain

Despite its indica-leaning nature, growing Mimosa Evo feminized seeds can be a little more challenging than similar strains as it follows a sativa-dominant growth structure. You may even need a ladder to cope with its epic growth, as this tall drink of water can quickly reach over 2m in height. This makes it particularly suitable for outdoor growing, where space constraints are less of an issue, but indoor cultivation is also an option.

Mimosa Evo yields are well worth the extra effort. Inside, optimum growing conditions can easily lead to yields of 700g/m2, while outdoors, up to 2kg per plant is possible. While hardly the quickest growing hybrid around, Mimosa Evo flowering time isn’t excessive, and after 9-10 weeks from germination, a supersized stack of hefty, purple-tinged buds will be your just reward.