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Mazari x Skunk #1

by Barneys Farm

From the experts at Duch seed company Barney´s Farm, LSD is a hugely popular indica-leaning hybrid cannabis strain that is famed for its wonderful flavour and psychedelic effects. A tough and resilient hybrid that performs well in challenging, colder climates, LSD is an easy to grow cannabis seed with a rapid flowering time, sure to satisfy both growers and consumers alike. 

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LSD Strain Genetics

The creation of the now legendary LSD strain occurred when the experts at Barney’s Farm crossed Mazari; a strain with great potential for handling mould and disease, with a Skunk #1 strain; well-known for its sturdy character and short flowering time. 

The result of this successful cross-breeding, LSD marijuana seeds have inherited many of the same qualities of its parents, resulting in an easy to grow, rapid flowering hybrid strain that boasts some impressive flavours and effects.

LSD Terpene Profile Strain

Terpene analysis has revealed the presence of common cannabis terpene myrcene as well as terpinolene and pinene amongst other terpenes in this celebrated indica-leaning hybrid. Myrcene is a terpene commonly found in indica-dominant strains.

LSD is an aromatic plant emanating an earthy fragrance and herbal, spicy undertones as it grows, caused by the presence of both myrcene and pinene. 

LSD also boasts a truly delightful taste, with a sweet creaminess on the inhale followed by a long-lasting fruity taste on the exhale that is caused by terpinolene, helping to justify its reputation as a strain with a particularly pleasant flavour and aroma profile.

LSD Strain Effects

As you might have guessed, the LSD strain gained its name because of its powerful and almost 

psychedelic effects. Cannabinoid analysis reveals an average THC content pushing beyond 23% in many cases, and while LSD is an indica-dominant strain, it´s effects could be considered more in line with those you would expect from typical sativa strains.

Unusually for an indica-dominant strain, LSD´s effects begin with an upbeat sense of euphoria and mental stimulation that can inspire feelings of creativity before balancing out with a powerful, yet soothing body buzz.

However, less experienced consumers should take care to moderate their intake of this potent hybrid cultivar as its effects can prove a touch overwhelming for those inexperienced with cannabis usage.

LSD Strain Medical Benefits

Containing indica genetics, and a terpene profile boasting terpinolene and pinene means LSD could be beneficial for patients who are seeking relief from inflammation, muscle and joint pains resulting from old injuries, or posture problems. 

In addition, with a high THC content and impressively stimulating effects, LSD is often prescribed as a medical marijuana to treat symptoms of both stress and anxiety. 

How to Grow LSD Strain

Available from MGS as feminised seeds and easy to grow autoflowering seeds,  LSD is one of the quickest to harvest cannabis strains available in our seed bank, offering a rapid flowering time of just 9 weeks. When fully grown, LSD reaches a medium height, developing multiple nodes along every branch

LSD is mould, and disease-resistant thanks to its Mazari lineage so can be grown both in a greenhouse or outdoors. Growers will be rewarded with an abundance of high-grade, dense and beautifully frosty flowers with a high yield of around 600gr/m2.