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Gorilla Glue #4 x Sweet Gelato x BF Super Auto #1

by Barneys Farm

Glue Gelato Auto cannabis seeds are an autoflowering, feminized offering from Barney’s Farm, which produces a delightfully uplifting buzz. This potent, pistil-covered indica-dominant hybrid delivers rich chocolate and spicy fruit flavours that’ll light up your tastebuds.

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Glue Gelato Auto Strain Genetics

The Glue Gelato Auto lineage is packed with more West Coast classics than a Dr Dre album, with that California love being passed down from this cannabis strain’s parents, the sedative Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) and the fruity, sweet Gelato. The autoflowering traits, which make the growing process a great deal easier, are thanks to crossing the above strains with popular Barney’s Farm seeds, BF Super Auto #1.

This breeding results in incredible looking buds, with dark and light greens intertwined with rich oranges, as well as a sweet, rich scent that will travel up your nostrils and guarantee immediate temptation. The hard-hitting buzz comes via another benefit of the heritage of Glue Gelato Auto marijuana seeds, a high THC level of over 20%.

Glue Gelato Auto Strain Terpene Profile

A rich and spicy overtone dominates the Glue Gelato Auto flavours, thanks to the presence of a peppery and spicy terpene, caryophyllene, the dominant terpene in the two main parent strains.

Additionally, there are sweet and fruity tastes are passed down from gelato via another #1 dominant terpene, limonene, while the more traditional, herbal, Kush strain aromas come from the Gorilla Glue side of the ancestry through myrcene. There’s an intriguing hoppy tingle on the exhale too, that’s the result of another terp, humulene. Expect overtones of sweet berries on the exhale here too.

Glue Gelato Auto Strain Effects

You may be used to autoflowering strains having less impact than regular cannabis, but that is certainly not the case with Glue Gelato Auto. There is nothing discreet about the buzz from this potent, fast-acting strain. Expect a sense of soothing chill to dominate your body when this buzz starts to take hold, an uplifting mood combined with the couch-locking power of the best Glue strains. This is followed by a full mental chill for when you really need to wind down.

Thanks to the high THC level, this tranquil, happy mood should last a long time, too, making this a perfect evening strain with effects that should carry you right up until you fall into a deep and dream-filled sleep.

Glue Gelato Auto Strain Medical Benefits

The main medical benefits that have been reported come in the shape of relief for aches and pains. This may be particularly useful for those struggling with chronic pain conditions such as migraines and fibromyalgia.

Glue strains are also known as stress relievers, and Glue Gelato Auto medical seeds certainly have that potential. Whether due to a difficult day or an underlying stress-related condition, the euphoric sensations created by Glue Gelato Auto weed may aid in reducing the severity of symptoms.

How to Grow Glue Gelato Auto Strain Seeds

If it’s an autoflower, the growing process should be easy, and that is certainly the case when you’re growing Gorilla Glue Auto feminized seeds. Indoor growers can enjoy a relaxed, near-effortless growing process with only occasional light changes necessary. The Gorilla Glue Auto is around 9-10 weeks from germination (11 in some cases), so the wait won’t be too long either.

For indoor growers, the Gorilla Glue Auto yield id pretty high for an auto, at around 500-600g/m2, with the same amount expected per plant for outdoor and greenhouse growers. These autoflowering cannabis seeds don’t enjoy the cold much, so greenhouses are necessary for cooler climes. However, in warmer weather, resistance against mould, spider mites, and botrytis is good with these sturdy plants, so you shouldn’t have difficulty. 

There may not be too much work to do, but you’ll still be rewarded handsomely by the thick, dense, beautiful rich smelling buds that sprout to let you know it’s nearly harvest time.