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Cookies Kush x Face-Off OG x Girl Scout Cookies Phenotype x OG Kush

by Barneys Farm

A dose of pungent, potent perfection from Barney’s Farm, Dosidos 33 feminised marijuana seeds are a high THC, indica-leaning phenomenon. Filled to the brim with OG Kush and GSC genetics, this high-quality marijuana strain packs a punch you’ll still be feeling the next day.

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Dosidos 33 Strain Genetics

The Dosidos 33 lineage is the reason for the excellent growing traits of these easy to cultivate, feminized cannabis seeds, including high yields and fast flowering times. But it’s the flavours and potency that stand out here. Look into the family tree of this hybrid marijuana, and there’s a real treat awaiting.

First, you have Dos Si Dos, created from OG Kush Breath, a GSC phenotype, which is crossed with the potent Face Off OG, and then crossed again, this time with Cookies Kush (a blend of Girl Scout Cookies and an old school OG Kush pheno). Impressive enough, sure, but that’s only half the tale, with the other side of the heritage of these Dosidos 33 cannabis seeds coming from Gelato #33 (Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC) to add even more sweet and fruity wonderment to the flavour profile.

Dosidos 33 Strain Terpene Profile

These welcome addition to the Barney’s Farm Cali Collection brings all the tastes and smells you’d expect for something so Kush and Cookies heavy in its heritage. The main Dosidos 33 flavour is that of exotic, tropical fruits, namely citrus fruits. This is due to one of the dominant terpenes handed down from this cannabis strain’s Do si Dos x Gelato 33 parents, limonene.

Additionally, a peppery sweet tingle on the exhale and an aroma of earthy herbs comes from two more Dosidos 33 abundant terpenes, caryophyllene and myrcene, respectively. Classic flavours for sure (headlined by the citrus marzipan notes of Sunset Sherbet) but combined in a way that ensures a unique personality for these Barney’s Farm seeds.

Dosidos 33 Strain Effects

This high THC content marijuana strain (up near 30% in some cases) kicks like a mule with a temper and makes damn sure you remember it! That is not a bad thing; however, as after a brief sativa burst of euphoric energy, the full-body, couch-locking relaxation from this strain is the ultimate way to end a stress-filled and busy day. Beginners should be wary, even seasoned veterans will find a little goes a long way here, with the buzz being fast-acting, long-lasting, and hefty.

An end of the day strain, if there ever was one, wait until your chores and jobs are done, so you can lie back and enjoy the full sedative properties of this stunning Dosidos 33 cannabis.

Dosidos 33 Strain Medical Benefits

The high THC level works hand in hand with the rich terpene profile to provide the potential Dosidos 33 medical benefits, most notably in the possible assistance for those living with insomnia. The sedative qualities of this hybrid medicinal marijuana mean that not only can getting to sleep be easier, but staying asleep can be too!

Caryophyllene and THC are both thought to have benefits when working with the body’s endocannabinoid system. As both cannabinoid and terpene are present in abundance here, potential relief for chronic pain symptoms in those living with fibromyalgia is possible.

How to Grow Dosidos 33 Strain Seeds

There is so little effort required when growing Dosidos 33 cannabis seeds that it’s almost immoral! A fast flowering time provides results in as little as 8 weeks from germination, with the Dosidos 33 yield of some 700g/m2 a true reward for minimal effort!

For outdoor growers, the story is much the same. Both outside in the elements and inside a greenhouse, yields of up to 2kg per plant mean you will be treated very well here. As these Dosidos 33 feminized seeds are resistant to climate changes, as well as mildew, spider mites, and more, again, you don’t have to do much here. With a 2nd or 3rd week of October finish, you can expect a forest of beautiful, lime green, purple-hued, trichome coated buds letting off sweet scents of exotic fruits that will truly tantalise your tastebuds!