Buy Chronic Thunder strain seeds

Alaskan Thunder Fuck x Chronic

by Barneys Farm

Newly released and ready to rumble, Chronic Thunder is an indica-dominant high yielding strain from the boys at Barney’s Farm that features spicy cinnamon flavours and a profoundly relaxing full-bodied hit that’ll chase those stormclouds away.

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Chronic Thunder Genetic Profile

In weaving Chronic Thunder cannabis seeds lineage, the team at the Barney’s Farm seedbank have brought together two long-established strains, both with superior genetics and diverse psychoactive profiles, to create a hybrid that’ll echo through the ages. Alaskan Thunder Fuck – a legendary Sativa cut from Matanuska Valley – brings its creeping Afghani influence and skunky flavours to the table, while classic Chronic DNA from Dr Chronic has helped increase stability and yield, resulting in a potent and high-producing indica-dominant plant with a short flowering period, high THC content, and decent CBD levels to boot.

While it might not be as well known as the world-renowned Tropic Thunder – a super-strong Sativa strain made famous by celebrities Seth Rogan and James Franco – Chronic Thunder marijuana seeds are just as illustrious but with an all-encompassing, indica-dominant approach. Now available from MGS as feminised seeds, bring the thunder to your own cannabis garden with this unforgiving A-grade cultivar from Barney’s Farm.

Chronic Thunder Strain Terpene Profile

Chronic Thunder flavour profile is unusual for a strain of its type. Although exhibiting some of the pungent herbal smell you’d expect from a plant with such a strong skunk heritage, this strain’s dominant aroma is dried cinnamon. This smoky, spicy quality also carries through to the strain’s taste, where it’s met with funky diesel flavours, peppery accents, and a sour citrus exhale.

Beta-caryophyllene is the terpene responsible for this plant’s musky fragrance. This chemical can be found in many of the different herbs and spices that we consume every day, but it’s also one of the more common aromatic compounds of the cannabis plant. Chronic Thunder abundant terpenes also include myrcene, which, when mixed with high levels of THC, CBD, and CBN, is known to cause a powerful sedative response.

Chronic Thunder Strain Effects

Ready-made for those rainy days when you’re schedule’s wide open, this heavy-hitting indica-dominant hybrid is an excellent choice if you’re seeking R&R. Chronic Thunder effects are long-lasting and hit like a bolt of lightning, blasting those bothersome worries from your mind and turning your limbs to jelly. Make sure to stay sofa-adjacent because its sedative effects are quite intense, and we also recommend keeping a healthy supply of snacks handy for when the munchies inevitably kick in.

Chronic Thunder THC level averages at 15%, but this could easily be increased by experimenting with light intensity and ph level during the growing phase. In addition to these decent THC levels, this Chronic x Alaskan Thunder plant also features moderate CBD content, giving it a wealth of additional health benefits. Just don’t expect much in the way of productivity when under the influence of this formidable force of nature.

Chronic Thunder Strain Medical Benefits

This strain’s rich cannabinoid and terpene make it a particularly powerful healing tool. CBD and THC are both known as excellent pain relievers, but Chronic Thunder medical benefits are particularly suited to those with insomnia. When these cannabinoids combine with high levels of myrcene – a terpene known for encouraging sedative symptoms – the result is an especially powerful sleep-inducing effect.

For those familiar with the struggle of a sleepless night, this natural alternative to prescription medication may be just what’s needed to bring reset those circadian cycles. Depression, stress, and anxiety often go hand in hand. Caused by hormonal and chemical imbalances in the brain, these conditions can be completely debilitating without assistance, and cannabis, such as the kind grown from Chronic Thunder medical seeds, could potentially provide a source of relief.

The relaxing and mood-lifting qualities of this cannabis strain may not be permanent, but they certainly take the edge off in stressful situations or help bring about a brighter forecast when things seem at their worst.

How to Grow Chronic Thunder Strain

Thanks to a wonderful blend of genetics that includes superpowered strains like Northern Lights, and Critical Kush, and AK-47, growing Chronic Thunder marijuana seeds is an easy experience that cultivators of all abilities can take a crack at. Stable, short plants reaching up to 100m are what can be expected from Chronic Thunder feminized photoperiod seeds, and their decent indoor yields make them ideal for greenhouse environments and super cropping setups.

Outdoor growth isn’t a problem either, as inherited resilience and frost resistance means that come rain or shine, these fuss-free seeds can weather the storm. Although not as speedy as an autoflowering strain, fast turnovers are also possible as Chronic Thunder flowering time is a quick eight-nine weeks from germination.

Due to its heavy lateral branching and high production rates, these plants will need a little extra support during their final flowering stage, but it’s a small thing to ask for spectacular results come harvest time (around late September/early October if growing outside). Its unique dried cinnamon fragrance may also require extra filtration, particularly if you’re hoping for a more discreet grow. Chronic Thunder indoor yields can reach up to 600g/m2, with its outdoor harvests averaging even higher, but for growers in the know, these weights may be increased even further by experimenting with CO2 levels, lighting, and different substrates.