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by Barneys Farm

Staying healthy doesn’t have to be fun free, and with CBD Caramel – a richly flavoured indica strain from the Barney’s Farm seed bank with a coveted 1:1 THC/CBD ratio – breeders can benefit from the best of both the recreational and medicinal worlds.

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CBD Caramel Genetic Profile

CBD Caramel lineage was crafted to take advantage of the healing powers of the cannabis plant as well as its playful psychoactive side. Bred from Brazilian, Himalayan, and Afghani landrace strains along with a fourth undisclosed CBD enriched phenotype, this judiciously-created jack of all trades features unrivalled cannabinoid levels that will benefit both medical and recreational users.

With its 1:1 THC/CBD balance, a burnt toffee taste, and impeccable yields, it’s the perfect multi-purpose cannabis plant for indica lovers, medical growers, and flavour hunters alike.

Perfect cannabis connoisseurs who are curious to learn more about the many benefits of CBD but who still value an intoxicating indica-dominant experience, CBD Caramel marijuana seeds from Barney’s Farm mean growers no longer need to pick between the two. Now available from MGS as feminized photoperiod or regular seeds, who needs a spoonful of sugar when you’ve got this sweet CBD-rich treat to help the medicine go down?

CBD Caramel Terpene Profile

CBD Caramel has a rich aroma and taste that features floral elements, a heavy hit of kush spice, and vanilla-tinged sugary nuances. Expect an earthy undertone that pays homage to the strain’s Afghani roots, subtle candy and caramel flavours, and hints of violet, skunk, and lavender that lend it a moreish quality that stays fresh and evocative from the first puff to the last. Refined but still sweet enough to incite a sugary frenzy, its profile is perfect for vape use and crafting dispensary quality cannabis concentrates.

CBD Caramel dominant terpene is caryophyllene – one of the most common flavour compounds associated with the cannabis plant. It’s also rich in humulene and linalool, which lend the strain its herbal qualities and its sweet flowery fragrance. Although its primarily the plant’s unique cannabinoid profile that guides its psychoactive direction, these terpenes also contribute, augmenting its physiological impact via a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

CBD Caramel Strain Effects

Although it’s not as strong as some other indica-dominant strains, CBD Caramel effects are still potent enough to please the average recreational user. It provides a pleasantly subtle but uplifting psychoactive experience that’s entirely suitable for daytime enjoyment and won’t leave you trapped in an unproductive state like many other indica strains. Calming for the mind and relaxing for the body, it will allow users to stay motivated and functional while still providing the intoxicating buzz that regular consumers have come to expect.

This versatile phenotype has an unusual 1:1 cannabinoid profile that’s rich in both THC and CBD. CBD Caramel THC level is around 10-18% on average, while its CBD content averages at around 10%, giving users all the advantages of a medically potent plant but with a complementary range of recreational effects. It may lack the heavy hit that’s often favoured by high tolerance users, but this Brazilian x Himalaya x Afghan x CBD fourway won’t disappoint if you’re searching for a daytime smoke that doesn’t overwhelm.

CBD Caramel Medical Benefits

CBD Caramel medical seeds are chock full of health benefits, especially for those neurological conditions like epilepsy and Dravet syndrome. Evidence shows that the anti-convulsive properties of CBD can be potentially life-changing for those who suffer from daily seizures and muscle spasms, providing potent relief even where traditional treatments have failed.

The relationship between CBD and the endocannabinoid system is at the heart of modern medical research, and although further studies are required to determine the scope of its effectiveness, CBD oils and strains have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their immediate and undeniable impact.

CBD Caramel medical benefits may also be effective at reducing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. CBD is known to interact with CB1-R and 5-HT1A receptors in the brain, resulting in reduced fear and anxiety-related behaviours in consumers. For many patients with PTSD, CBD-rich tinctures and strains such as this can provide a welcome alternative to stronger sedative medications while still providing a decent level of daytime relief.

How to Grow CBD Caramel Strain

This high performing plant has a short flowering period and high yields that are perfect for commercial medical growers seeking fast turnovers with minimum effort. Although ideal for humid climates, these feminized seeds thrive anywhere as long as the temperature doesn’t get too cold and adapt readily to super cropping techniques like SOG and SCROG. Indoors growers can expect CBD Caramel indoor yields to average between 700-800g per m/2, with even bigger harvests possible if grown in the right outdoor environment.

Despite its indica-dominant genetics, it has a slightly sativa-like growth structure and can grow quite tall if not properly maintained, but with the proper training techniques, this won’t pose any problem, even if you’re short on room.

If you’re growing CBD Caramel cannabis seeds outside, your plants should be ready to harvest around late September. Indoors, CBD Caramel flowering time is only eight-nine weeks from germination, which is faster than some autoflowering strains, so you won’t have to wait long to fill your medicine cabinet. In appearance, the plant’s sticky buds are bright green, coated with rich amber hairs, and covered from top to bottom with ice-white crystal trichomes.