Buy Blueberry Cheese strain seeds

Original Cheese x Blueberry

by Barneys Farm

Packing some serious psychoactive power and a pungent aroma to match, Blueberry Cheese is a sweet and stinky feminised cannabis hybrid and one of Barney’s Farm strongest indica-dominant strains, making it a must for fans of sensory intensity.

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Blueberry Cheese Strain Genetics

Blueberry Cheese lineage can be traced right back to landrace marijuana strains like Thai, Afghani and Columbian Gold. A blend of Original Cheese – an intensely pungent Skunk #1 phenotype from the UK – and Blueberry, this powerful collaboration inherits all of the former’s cheesy flavour plus the latter’s sweet and fruity aftertaste. 

Representing the stronger side of the Barney’s Farm seedbank’s back catalogue, Blueberry Cheese marijuana seeds also boasts plenty of psychoactive muscle, providing a deeply relaxing experience for the indica-dominant enthusiast. Now available from MGS as autoflowering or female seeds, this special phenotype is an absolute showstopper!  

Blueberry Cheese Strain Terpene Profile

One of the stinkiest cannabis strains on the market, what Blueberry Cheese aroma lacks in discretion, it more than makes up for in aromatic intensity. Just like UK Cheese, the sour, skunky smell of mature stilton and citrus that emanates from the plant during its flowering stages is enough to make your eyes water, giving its smoke delicious savoury quality. These aged-cheese flavours are offset by the taste of fresh blueberries, adding a welcome note of sweetness to the exhale.

These unusual blueberry cheesecake flavours arise from the strain’s unique terpene profile. Blueberry Cheese abundant terpenes include myrcene and caryophyllene, with humulene terpenes also contributing in part to its a-typical taste and smell. 

Blueberry Cheese Strain Effects

Unlike sativa strains which are more euphoric, cannabis users generally favour indica-dominant phenotypes like Blueberry Cheese – previously known as Blue Cheese – for their pronounced physical effects. A heavy-hitting relaxant that’ll numb even chronic aches and pains, along with worries of the workaday world, it’s perfectly suited for nighttime enjoyment, providing a full-bodied experience and happy thoughts aplenty.

This pheno’s strength is largely attributed to its high THC content. Blueberry Cheese THC levels are around 20-23%, higher than the average hybrid, while also boasting a low CBD level of 0.8-1.3%, making its effects particularly multipurpose. Unless it’s your intention, beware of falling foul to its sedative influence because while Blueberry Cheese weed won’t give you bad dreams, it can easily lead to an early bedtime.

Blueberry Cheese strain Medical Benefits

The same sedative effects that can ruin a recreational high make Blueberry Cheese medical seeds an ideal option for insomniacs. Myrcene terpenes and THC already have a strong hypnotic influence, and these are further augmented via the entourage effect, making this pheno’s sleep-inducing qualities medically potent.  

THC-dominant cannabis strains such as this can also have a neuroleptic influence, reducing nervous tension by altering the effect of chemicals in the brain and, ultimately, the behaviour, mood and emotions of the user. As such, Blueberry Cheese medical benefits also extend to conditions like depression and anxiety.

How to Grow Blueberry Cheese Strain

Producing short, stocky plants with strong side branches and resinous trichome-covered colas, Blueberry Cheese seeds indica dominant characteristics make them an excellent candidate for indoor growth techniques like SOG and SCROG. Although outdoor cultivation is an option, the plant’s strong smell is less than discreet and could attract unwanted attention. Even inside, some extra filtration may be required, but otherwise, growing Blueberry Cheese seeds is an absolute breeze.

Available as a feminized or autoflowering variety, Blueberry Cheese cannabis seeds flowering time is around 7-8 weeks from germination. Growers wanting to make the most of its distinct aromatic composition in the form of concentrates or extracts are also in luck, as this pheno is a particularly high resin producer. And, with Blueberry Cheese yields averaging at 650g per m2, there’ll be plenty of product to go around!