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Purple Punch x Sunset Sherbert

by Barneys Farm

Blue Sunset Sherbert cannabis seeds are available at the MGS seedbank and are a must for your wishlist. An indica-dominant hybrid brimming with classic genetics, this purple-hued gem from Barney’s Farm produces huge yields within a fast-flowering time, a true grower’s dream!

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Blue Sunset Sherbert Strain Genetics

The name of this cannabis strain should make it clear that the legendary Sunset Sherbert is at play in the genetics here. The strain bred specifically to inherit as many Girl Scout Cookies traits as possible, GSC was bred with Pink Panties to create a sweet and fruity, potent beauty. Joining Sunset Sherbert is the porous son of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, Purple Punch, a strain that includes the sweet Wedding Crasher amongst, grape and blueberry flavours dominate the profile here.

A chip off the old block, Blue Sunset Sherbet takes the dominant flavours of Sunset Sherbert and the colour pallet of Purple Punch and builds on the high cannabinoid levels of both to create THC levels that can tip over 20% in some cases!

Blue Sunset Sherbert Strain Terpene Profile

Sweet and fruity usually means a familiar combination of terpenes, limonene and caryophyllene, which combine to bring a sweet candy tone with hints of lemon, orange, grape, and more, and a peppery tang adding an extra flavour dimension on inhale. The more sweet berry and currant tones of the fruit are added by ocimene, the dark fruit terpene.

Exhale wise, expect fresh, herbal, piney scents to fill the air, with myrcene present in abundance and terpinolene adding some extra tones to create a more unique vibe.

Blue Sunset Sherbert Strain Effects

Put an evening aside to enjoy the buzz of the high THC content Blue Sunset Sherbert because it’s long-lasting and has two notably different phases. First, you have the euphoric sativa head high, a euphoric impact that’s reminiscent of the heavy Cookies and OG Kush genetics, a happy, uplifting buzz that may bring with it a sense of energetic creativity.

Next comes the indica full-body buzz, a heavier, slower experience that brings full relaxation to joints and limbs, creating levels of comfort hitherto unknown to man! The potent effects of this second phase may also lead to intense sleepy feelings and can support a wonderfully calm night of rest, so don’t fight those sensations if they come!

Blue Sunset Sherbert Strain Medical Benefits

Purple Punch (like its parent strain Larry OG) is one of the go-to strains for combatting nausea, and the medical marijuana genetics have been passed down to Blue Sunset Sherbert. Many consumers report a reduction in feelings of nausea as well as a decrease in general stomach discomfort.

For those suffering from aches and pains related to chronic pain conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, the cannabinoid and terps present in this medicinal cannabis strain can aid in reducing the severity and potentially the longevity of these symptoms.

How to Grow Blue Sunset Sherbert Strain Seeds

Growers can expect an impressive indoor yield of up to 700gr/m2 from these Blue Sunset Sherbert feminised marijuana seeds in a flowering time of eight to nine weeks from germination. Outdoor (and greenhouse) growers have a longer flowering period to wait, but the early October outdoor harvest will yield up to a kilo of trichome-coated purple buds, with bright orange hairs per plant, so it’s worth having the patience!

SOG and SCROG methods work well indoors, with the plants staying short and compact without a multitude of side branches. Outdoors these feminised seeds can produce cannabis plants of up to 200cms, while they aren’t rangy, they do grow tall with thick central colas, so trellising may help. We’d suggest having something in place to soften the strong herbal berry scent towards harvest time, as that sweet, zesty aroma will spread a fair distance!