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Biscotti x Mintz

by Barneys Farm

Deliciously gorgeous, Barney’s Farm seeds Biscotti Mintz is an indica-heavy hybrid that marks yet another jaw-dropping addition to the storied seed bank’s collection. The vigorously-growing Biscotti Mintz feminized seeds possess exceptional effects, luscious aromas, and stunning shades of violets, greens, and reds.    

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Biscotti Mintz Strain Genetics 

Barney’s Farm Biscotti Mintz lineage is the stuff of legends. Combining the rare indica Biscotti with a unique house phenotype of Kush Mints known as the Mintz phenotype, the results are an exquisitely flavourful and potent indica-heavy strain.

Biscotti Mintz marijuana seeds bear the dynamic power and remarkable influence of OG Kush-family royalty through both parents. The Biscotti genetic line features multiple cup-winning names such as Gelato, Girl Scout Cookies, and Sunset Sherbet. 

Mintz is the specially-selected pheno of Kush Mints — a Bubba Kush x Animal Mints child. It bears the same uplifting effects and sweet cookie flavours, alongside a bold, mint taste. Mintz also highlights the spectacular and energetic genetics of the Cookies line, including Animal Cookies, Thin Mint GSC, and Fire OG. 

Biscotti Mintz Strain Terpene Profile

Biscotti Mintz aromas are far from discreet, boasting intense notes of spicy mint and chocolate chip cookies amongst a creamy sweetness throughout the entire smoke. The buds are heavy with fumes of kushy herbs and sweet earth.

Biscotti Mintz abundant terpenes are an enticing blend of the euphoric and citrusy limonene along with the spicy dessert flavours of caryophyllene. The sweet and earthy mint notes come from a noticeable presence of Eucalyptol terpenes, delivering gentle cooling and interesting medical effects. 

Biscotti Mintz Strain Effects 

Despite the indica-dominant ratio of this Biscotti x Mintz hybrid, Barney’s Farm Biscotti Mintz feminised seeds provide an energizing, sativa-style head high led by its abundant terpenes. Limonene influences an energetic and creative focus that hits almost immediately, held in check by indica genetics to keep the mind relaxed and anxiety-free. 

Biscotti Mintz THC levels soar to 25%, with relaxing effects spreading slowly from the head and providing the same uplifted energy before fading into comfort. This strain begs for a fun night out with friends just as equally as a quiet night in working on your favourite hobby. 

Biscotti Mintz Strain Medical Benefits

Biscotti Mintz medical seeds’ choice genetics and lively terpene profiles provide a range of full-body medicinal effects. Mentally, expect stress, anxiety, and depression to fade beneath the instant surge of tingly, relaxed happiness. 

Physically, Barney’s Farm Biscotti Mintz seed’s particular combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, specifically caryophyllene and Eucalyptol, supply pain relief through their robust anti-inflammatory and analgesic components. CBD is minimal, but high THC levels lend their own powerful health benefits, including reducing nausea and helping reduce insomnia. 

How to Grow Biscotti Mintz Strain 

Growers of all levels of expertise will love growing Barney’s Farm Biscotti Mintz cannabis seeds. Relatively stocky due to its indica genetics, it does well in indoor and outdoor locations. Biscotti Mintz yields can reach up to 650g per m2 in SCROG or SOG setups, but outdoor crops can except 1.5kg per plant if these beauties are allowed to stretch.

A photoperiod strain, Biscotti Mintz flowering time is 8-9 weeks past germination, during which leaves of purple and violet will begin to crystalize with resin. Shades of orange and red start to bloom across the plant as harvest day approaches, and the bright green and purple buds are soon lost beneath striking orange hairs and juicy trichomes. 

Resin production is insane, and large, dense nugs will finish with an icy coating of crystals and a thick aroma of deliciously creamy mint chocolate chip cookies.