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Banana OG x Purple Punch

by Barneys Farm

With its deliciously thick and colourful trichome coverage, tropical flavours, and heavyset indica-dominant effect, Banana Punch from Barney’s Farm is like an assault to all the senses and a formidable fighter to have in your corner if you’re battling with pain or insomnia.

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Banana Punch Genetic Profile

The award-winning Barney’s Farm are stirring things up again with this captivating new cannabis composite. Banana Punch cannabis seeds lineage isn’t especially complicated, but with the right ingredients, even the simplest recipe can be incredibly effective. Breeding Banana OG (aka Banana Kush) and the sweet and heavily sedating Purple Punch, this evocative elixir is spiked with a high THC content that’s near guaranteed to get the party started, that’s if you’re able to withstand its head-to-toe indica-dominant effects.

Although its sweet banana flavour can be a little disarming, this high-powered marijuana strain is for adults only and make no mistake, its sedative influence might be a little extreme for some. However, if you’re more interested in cultivation than consumption, its heavy yields, fast flowering, and captivating colour scheme make it the perfect first-time phenotype for cannabis newcomers. Now available from MGS as feminized seeds, add some THC-fuelled power to your garden with the exciting Banana Punch cannabis strain from Barney’s Farm.

Banana Punch Terpene Profile

Banana Punch flavour profile is so much more than its name suggests. As you might expect, it smells and tastes a bit like ripe bananas, but there’s also hints of fresh pineapple and a candy-like sweetness adding subtle nuances to its flavour. These become even more pronounced if used with a vaporizer, but its spicy OG Kush undertones and hashy aftertaste will be discernible however it’s consumed.

Myrcene and caryophyllene are the significant components of Banana Punch’s fruity scent and flavour. Its pungent banana aromas can be attributed to many of the same chemicals that give skunk strain’s their characteristic funk. Banana Punch abundant terpenes also include humulene, limonene, and terpinolene, which play a large role in the spicy citrus flavours of OG Kush plants. In addition to cannabinoids like THC and CBD, terpenes are also thought to provide many health benefits, making this fragrant cocktail far more than simply a delight for the senses.

Banana Punch Strain Effects

This indica/sativa concoction is about as potent as they come. Walking a fine balance between physical and mental that’s perfect partying or sharing with friends, Banana Punch effects cover the entire range of the psychoactive spectrum. Euphoric but also relaxing, beware from consuming too liberally as their long duration and sedative qualities can quickly leave you a little worse for wear, especially if you’re of a lower THC tolerance.

If you’re a first time user, stay away from this potent concoction as you’ll be punching well above your weight. Banana Punch THC content is between 18-20%, but growers who use specialist methods may be able to push these numbers higher. If consumed in excess, the super potent effect of Banana Punch weed is sure to lead to dry eyes, couchlock, and an early end to your celebrations.

Banana Punch Medical Benefits

Cannabis grown from Banana Punch medical seeds can act as a potent curative tonic if used correctly. This high THC/low CBD strain is ideal for treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, and neurological conditions like migraines. Although THC is the primary analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent of the marijuana plant, terpenes like caryophyllene and terpinolene have similar attributes. Together, these compounds act as a united front, bolstering each other’s abilities via a phenomenon known as the entourage effect and providing effective pain relief for suffering medical marijuana patients.

If bedtimes are proving to be a nightly battle, Banana Punch medical benefits may also be able to offer some sedative assistance. Myrcene terpenes and a high THC level have lent it a strong sleep-inducing effect, which becomes even more prominent after time and in higher doses. Unlike alcohol, these effects shouldn’t leave you groggy upon waking and won’t impact sleep quality too severely. As such, the Banana OG x Purple Punch plant can be an invaluable tool for insomniacs who simply need a little extra help switching off.

How to Grow Banana Punch Strain

Although Banana Punch flowering time is faster than most, this photoperiod plant is a slow grower at first, so make sure not to let it stay in veg too long as its internodal will eventually increase. After around eight-ten weeks from germination, your plants can quickly shoot up to over 1m in height if left to their own devices.

Therefore, a carefully controlled indoor environment is recommended and utilising super cropping techniques like SCROG, SOG, and LST is strongly encouraged for maximum yield and space management. Outdoor growth is possible, but only in a warm, low-humid environment, and planting Banana Punch seeds in organic soil will increase your chances of producing a high-quality crop.

Growing Banana Punch feminized marijuana seeds comes with many aesthetic rewards. In addition to the plant’s delicious scent, its beautiful range of colours mean it’s an absolute pleasure to plant.

Dark greens, bright pinks, fiery oranges, and yellow shades make its fuzzy buds a joy to pick, but make sure to wear gloves because it’s a highly resinous cultivar, and its trichomes will be sticky to the touch. It’s also a fairly generous producer, and breeders can expect Banana Punch yields to range from 350- 500g per square meter indoors or 300-600g per plant outside when it’ll be ready to harvest around late October.