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Snowman S1 x Lemonheads

by Archive Seeds

A frosty blend of lemon flavours and balanced but intense sensory effects, Yellow Snow cannabis seeds from the Archive Seedbank combine GSC and OG Kush genetics into a single high-powered indica-leaning hybrid. Offering impressive yields and a fast flowering period, Yellow Snow regular seeds could be the perfect choice for your next cannabis grow. 

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Yellow Snow Strain Genetics

Available as regular seeds only, Yellow Snow from the Archive Seedbank is a top-shelf marijuana seed type that’s been purpose-bred for consumption and produces a potent psychedelic high paired with tasty citrus fruit flavours.

The product of Snowman S1, an uplifting resin-rich cultivar from Berner and the Cookie Fam, and Lemonheads, an OG Kush descendent with a refreshing lemon flavour, this indica-dominant genetic mix comes dripping with precious resin, making it perfect for both concentrate creators and growers seeking a balanced, yet effective new cannabis pheno.

Yellow Snow Strain Terpene Profile

Brimming with terpenic quality, Yellow Snow cannabis seeds feature a rich and heady aromatic profile on account of their varied heritage. Snowman S1’s pungent kush aesthetic, comprised of fuel aromas, floral accents and subtle vanilla undertones, are met with the biting sour citrus flavours that give Lemonheads its name, and a pleasant minty/eucalyptus aftertaste that lingers.

Limonene and myrcene are chiefly responsible for the lemon flavours of this lip-smacking strain, while rarer terpenes like linalool, alpha-pinene and eucalyptol also contribute, blending with caryophyllene to give it a glorious taste and smell that’s all it’s own.   

Yellow Snow Strain Effects

Although indica-leaning, Yellow Snow also features sativa-typical qualities, particularly when it comes to its effect on the mind and body. Inheriting the intensity of Face Off OG BX1 – an Archive Seed bred indica that’s not for the faint of heart – this high THC low CBD cultivar packs some serious psychoactive power, delivering a balance of uplifting and psychedelic euphoria and physical relaxation. 

A great choice for daydreamers, Yellow Snow is known to fuel creative thinking and can serve as an excellent source of inspiration for the artistically inclined. However, its potency means low tolerance users may struggle to handle the intoxicating effects of this heavy-duty seed type.

Yellow Snow Medical Benefits

Yellow Snow, regular cannabis seeds possess a range of powerful therapeutic benefits. Eucalyptol can improve brain function, while alpha-pinene is known to mitigate the unwanted effects of THC, making this strain an ideal choice for patients suffering from chronic conditions or who require prolonged medical assistance.

The uplifting effects of its high limonene levels are especially suited for treating depression and can help to stabilize mood, while linalool and myrcene are known to have a calming influence that can assist patients with behavioural disorders like ADHD. 

How to Grow Yellow Tree Strain

Face Off OG BX1 is famed for its stark white trichomes, while Snowman S1 gets its name from its wintry crystal coating. This makes Yellow Tree a frost-covered feast for the eyes and beautiful addition to any greenhouse. It also inherits some of the latter’s sativa characters and its high resin content, making these regular cannabis seeds from the Archive Seedbank a prime candidate for extraction artists. 

While not yet available as autoflowering or female seeds, whatever the growing environment or cultivation method, expect healthy yields of 450-500g per m2 from this cheeky lime-green cannabis plant. An indoor flowering time of 8-9 weeks from germination also ensures a quick turnaround for even the most impatient of planters.