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Zkittlez x Do-Di-Dos

by Archive Seeds

As the name suggests, Tropical Fusion is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from the Archive Seed bank that combines flavours and scents of exotic fruit in a high THC, high CBD package to create a phenomenal smoke!

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Tropical Fusion Strain Genetics

The genetics of Tropical Fusion are a little mysterious, with one side of the heritage being the enigmatic Pineapple ZoZ, a strain very little is known about. We know a lot more about the other parent, though, Archive Seeds’ Moonbow #75, a mix of two high-quality hybrid strains, Zkittlez and Do-Di-Dos.  

What that genetic background means is a mix of Kush and Cookies strains bringing various fruity flavours, herbal scents, and a host of growing traits that are friendly to the gardener, ensuring fast flowering and little work. A strong Cali connection is always a good way to create a new strain, and Tropical Fusion is a fantastic example of that!

Tropical Fusion Strain Terpene Profile

Tropical Fusion has a complex and rich terpene profile that is the reason for the exotic flavours that emanate from this Pineapple Zoz x Moonbow strain. The most dominant terpene is limonene, which gives a tangy, citrus fruit-heavy tingle on the tongue on the exhale, while a slightly peppery inhale comes via the spicy terpene, caryophyllene.

In terms of the aroma, floral (linalool) and hoppy (humulene) are both present, with a dank, earthy, skunk-like undertone that comes from the classic cannabis terpene, myrcene. This terp mix ensures that while tropical fruit is the primary taste and scent of Archive Seeds Tropical Fusion, there’s a lot more nuance involved.

Tropical Fusion Strain Effects

Rich in both CBD and THC, the buzz from this hybrid strain is gentle, therapeutic, and cerebral. Fast-acting, but never overwhelming, an uplifting and relaxing sensation takes over body and mind, improving mood without having the sedating properties of some other strains.

A cannabis strain that suits both daytime and evening smoking, you can still carry out any necessary tasks while under the influence of Tropical Fusion, you’ll just have a wide smile on your face and a chill mood in your brain while you do it!

Tropical Fusion Strain Medical Benefits

The mix of cannabinoids (CBD and THC) and terpenes (limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene, etc.) combine here to potential work with the body and provide a range of medical benefits, including the reduction of pain associated with migraines and other chronic pain issues.

Other medical marijuana properties include the alleviation of symptoms of anxiety and stress, which may help lessen the effects of insomnia as well as the conditions themselves. The high CBD content, when compared to other similar strains, is a particular reason why this assistance for relieving anxiety and stress symptoms.

How to Grow Tropical Fusion Strain Seeds

Growing these Tropical Fusion cannabis seeds couldn’t be easier, and they offer a surprisingly fast flowering time. Indoor flowering takes around eight to nine weeks from germination, with little work necessary despite the fairly branchy plants (which may require the odd trim). Responding well to SOG and SCROG growing techniques, a yield of 650 gr/m2 can be expected for indoor growers.

Those choosing to grow these feminized marijuana seeds (autoflowering and regular seeds not currently available) outdoors or in a greenhouse should only do so in Mediterranean climates or something similar, as these cannabis plants like it warm! Again, flowering comparatively quickly with a harvest time around the end of September, the plants will fill with lime green buds, decorated with orange pistils and resinous crystal trichomes, in something of a pinecone shape. These dense, heavy nugs will give excellent yields of beautiful, exotic tasting cannabis!