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Gelato 41 x Face Off BX2

by Archive Seeds

Uniting two powerful marijuana dynasties, Royal Oak is a kingly indica-leaning cannabis cultivar from the Archive Seed company that offers gourmet flavours, fuss-free growth, and a high-class high befitting of its regal status.

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Royal Oak Strain Genetics

Royal Oak regular seeds are an Archive Seed company original that exemplifies the benefits of hybridization. By combining traits from multiple cannabis phenotypes, the seeds company have created a prestigious indica-leaning plant that’s more than worthy of its lineage.

This marriage of convenience joins two titans together in a single high-status hybrid. First off is Face Off BX2, a staple of the Archive Seed Bank that’s essentially a supercharged version of OG Kush. This indica legend is blended with Gelato 41, the ice-cream flavoured fan favourite of the California Cookies family, resulting in a majestic Gelato 41 x Face Off BX2 cultivar that’s part GSC, part Kush, and particularly potent.

Royal Oak Strain Terpene Profile

Cookies and Kush strains are known for their delicious, but differing, organoleptic properties. Royal Oak incorporates aspects of both in a flavour profile that’s sweet and skunky with earthy undertones and a spicy kick to finish. Gelato’s fruity dessert flavours are particularly dominant, but those of a refined palate may also notice the taste of diesel and floral notes that characterize OG Kush.

Caryophyllene, limonene and humulene are the aromatic trio behind this sumptuous flavour combination and, in addition to their olfactory impact, these terpenes can also have some pretty potent effects upon the mind and body.

Royal Oak Strain Effects

A high-powered pedigree that covers both the sativa and indica worlds means that Royal Oak is not a cannabis strain for those of a cautious disposition. Face Off BX2 was named for its brain-melting cerebral effects, and numbing physical impact and Gelato 41 is another high THC cultivar, making this crossbreed pretty potent by modern standards. 

Heavy-handed euphoria, bodily relaxation and even psychedelic effects can be expected from Royal Oak, so it’s best to be prepared before consuming. It also goes without saying that, unlike its Gelato parent plant, this strain is not especially suitable for daytime usage, so stick to the evenings to avoid a royal tragedy.

Royal Oak Medical Benefits

The applications of medical cannabis are far-reaching, and thanks to recent research, new therapeutic uses are being discovered every day. While this high THC, low CBD plant is particularly known for its ability to stimulate appetite, humulene can have the opposite effect, meaning Royal Oak may be a suitable form of medical marijuana for treating a loss of appetite. 

Additionally, this terpene, which is also found in hops, sage and ginseng, can act as an anti-inflammatory and, working in tandem with THC and caryophyllene, can help physical injuries to heal faster

How to Grow Royal Oak Strain

Royal Oak regular seeds are very high yielding and under optimum conditions can lead to harvests exceeding 600g per m2 or more than 800gr per plant outside. Requiring little attention, but responding well to regular feeds, the plant’s trichome covered buds resemble hairy baseball bats or even oak trees when cultivated indoors with methods such as SOG.

Though not yet available as autoflowering or female seed type, thanks to its tremendous growth credentials, this indica-leaning plant from the Archive Seed Bank is suitable for beginners or experts looking for a new challenge. A quick flowering time of 9 weeks means from germination results are quick as well as easy with these regular cannabis seeds, and the plant’s splendid colouration – a gift of its Gelato parent – are perfect for growers looking to add a little class to their greenhouse.