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High Octane OG x FaceOff OG bx1

by Archive Seeds

Get ready to feel the burn with Race Fuel – a monstrous OG Kush marijuana hybrid the Archive Seeds co with a smoky diesel flavour and knee-buckling indica effects.

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Race Fuel Strain Genetics

A combination of two of the Archive seed bank’s most potent OG Kush strains, these totally tricked-out indica-dominant cannabis seeds leave their competitors trailing in the dust.

While High Octane OG – an indica-dominant mix of Lemon Thai, Chemdawg and, Hindu Kush – takes the driving seat, lending Race Fuel, its San Fernando Valley impact, riding shotgun is FaceOff OG bx1, an Archive Seed original with head-spinning psychoactive qualities.

Together, these two high-spec hybrids bring the thunder, making Race Fuel regular seeds some of the most formidable cannabis seeds on the OG Kush circuit.

Race Fuel Strain Terpene Profile

Race Fuel aka Race Fuel OG is a very pungent cannabis strain and, as its name suggests, these regular seeds have been specially developed for petrol heads. Intoxicating aromas of diesel and kerosine blend with the scent of lemon cleanser and this chemically enhanced kick also extends to the plant’s flavour.

Following closely in the footsteps of its ancestors, Race Fuel gains this robust flavour profile from a unique combination of caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene terpenes.

Diesel heavy, but with rich earthy undertones, citrus flavours, and a peppery finish that’ll leave a tickle in your throat, this mean machine might make you cough, but there’s no denying that unmistakable OG Kush aesthetic!

Race Fuel Strain Effects

Though Race Fuel by Archive Seeds delivers a classic OG Kush experience, its effects are far more pronounced than the average phenotype. Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life because the swimming psychoactive effects of FaceOff OG hit almost immediately, with an intense, heady euphoria that’ll send your brain into overdrive. This is married with High Octane OG’s crippling indica-dominant physical hit that’ll floor even the most experienced users.

Those looking for extreme relaxation should look no further but be advised that couchlock is almost guaranteed with this high THC strain. With that in mind, to avoid crashing out early, Race Fuel is best saved for nighttime consumption.  

Race Fuel Strain Medical Benefits

In combination with its super high THC level (around 19%), Race Fuel’s formidable effects make these medical seeds ideal for treating numerous medical conditions.

Its incapacitating impact, likely caused by the presence of myrcene, is the perfect prescription for insomnia, and medical marijuana users with related sleep disorders are sure to find relief from its sedative influence.

Thanks to caryophyllene, which numbs pain receptors in the body, Race Fuel, like many OG Kush derivatives, has also shown potential as an analgesic and can also help to ease muscle spasms.

How to Grow Race Fuel Strain

Bushy, compact, and with a dense branch structure, Race Fuel features typical OG Kush characteristics, but with increased vigour and a comparatively lighter look to the foliage. Though ideal for any environment, as an indica dominant Kush strain, these marijuana seeds thrive best in warmer climates and are susceptible to mildew, making indoor growth the optimum choice. 

Ready to harvest in 70 days and yielding large crops of minty green, popcorn-shaped buds, Race Fuel is currently only available as regular seeds.

While this might not be the easiest cannabis strain to grow, but for serious cultivators looking for a challenge, Race Fuel is well worth putting in the extra mileage.