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Moonbow #75

by Archive Seeds

Sweet as honey but armed with a spicy cerebral sting, Killer Bees is a sativa-dominant three-way cannabis hybrid from the Archive Seeds company that’ll keep you buzzed for hours.

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Killer Bees Strain Genetic Profile

The Archive Seeds hivemind must be absolutely buzzing with this latest top-shelf addition to their growing cannabis seed colony. Bred from three specially selected cannabis strains, each with its own genetic advantages, Killer Bees lineage is swarming with the stuff that makes for a superior marijuana hybrid. First up is the infamous Malawi Gold, a legendary African land-race strain that brings strength and supercharged cerebral effects, followed by NL Haze F2 from Sensi Seeds for added aroma and yield. When crowned off with Moonbow #75, a fruity and highly resinous hybrid from the Archive archives, the end results are the absolute bee’s knees!

Although not available as an autoflowering variety, Killer Bees marijuana seeds can be purchased now as feminized seeds from MGS, so why not comb over the details below, grab a pack, and try rearing this triple-powered troublemaker at home this summertime? 

Killer Bees Strain Terpene Profile

As a poly hybrid cannabis cultivar, Killer Bees aroma and flavour is extraordinarily complex and features elements of each of its progenitors. From its old school Haze heritage, the plant inherits much of its musky, earthy odour, but its flavour is a mix of floral skunk, honied fruit, and spicy kush elements with a burnt toffee background to sweeten the pot.

Killer Bees dominant terpene is myrcene, but plenty of other aromatic compounds contribute to its fragrant flavour. Caryophyllene, limonene and terpinolene all have a part to play, and the end result is a sumptuous and incomparable cannabis flavour that’s like nectar of the gods.

Killer Bees Strain Effects

Killer Bees effects are perfect for daytime consumption and creative collaboration. Prepare yourself for an immediate jolt of energy and a mentally focused psychoactive experience that’ll make your body hum with a stimulating sensation as your mind swarms with innovative ideas. Make no mistake: this is no strain to help you sleep at night as its strong cerebral effects will likely keep you high flying into the early hours.

The Archive Seedbank have classified Killer Bees THC content as high, and judging by the potency of its parentage, we’d have to agree, so expect high THC levels pushing 20%. As such, novice users should be extra cautious around this unpredictable Malawi Gold x NL Haze F2 x Moonbow hybrid as it’s very easy to get stung by its cerebral buzz.

Killer Bees Strain Medical Benefits

Killer Bees medical seeds are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a quick energy boost. Tiredness and lethargy can affect both body and mind, and in today’s hard-working world, fatigue can be a debilitating everyday obstacle. Those with clinically diagnosed conditions may find the stimulating effects of this high THC/low CBD strain useful to combat their symptoms and stay busy as a bee throughout the day.

Killer Bees medical benefits can also be used to treat mood disorders like depression. Promoting a calmed but chirpy mindset, its cerebral effects can brighten even the dreariest of days and offer a much-needed boost of serotonin when you’re feeling not so sunny.

How to Grow Killer Bees Strain

These fuss-free seeds make an excellent choice for super cropping, FIM, or SCROG cultivation, and although Archive Seeds recommend growing Killer Bees feminized seeds inside, those situated in hot, tropical climates shouldn’t have any problems growing strong and healthy specimens outdoors. Yielding beefy, sativa-dominant plants with heavyset flowers and fleshy green, crystal-coated calyxes, growers will marvel over the massive amounts of resin produced by this dank cultivar, which can be utilised by those in the know to make AAA cannabis concentrates. 

Killer Bees fast flowering time can range from nine-eleven weeks from germination depending on your setup and several contributing factors, including light penetration, temperature, and even electrical activity. There are many methods of speeding up this process. 

Still, we recommend remaining patient until the plant’s pistils turn from white to amber before considering harvesting as this will ensure maximum potency and flavour. Killer Bees yields are also slightly higher than average, and whatever your gardening style, you’re almost sure to be satisfied with the sticky, sweet results of this dank new strain from Archive Seeds.