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Face-Off x Moonbow #75

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Freshly brewed by the Archive Seeds company, Ginger Tea is a spicy three-way Thai cross with a hot and fragrant flavour and deep-rooted indica effects that will leave you relaxed, refreshed, and ready for bed.

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Ginger Tea Strain Genetic Profile

If you like your cannabis with a kick, this hot and spicy indica/sativa hybrid might be just the infusion for you. Ginger Tea lineage has been meticulously crafted from three distinct top-shelf strains, beginning with Pure Thai genetics for that classic Haze scent and taste. This iconic sativa landrace has been paired with the Archive Seedbank’s own Face-Off (aka Face-Off OG) – a Californian OG Kush phenotype with a brain-blowing indica impact – and their prized Zkittlez x Dosidos cut, Moonbow #75.

Packing a piquant floral flavour that’s positively tea-riffic, a slightly shortened flowering time than its South-East Asian ancestor, feminized genetics, and incendiary indica-leaning effects, Ginger Tea marijuana seeds make growing potent, pungent, powerful marijuana easy peasy. 

Ginger Tea Strain Terpene Profile

For the most part, Ginger Tea flavour profile follows that of its Haze ancestors. The same pungent, spicy funk can be expected once it enters the flowering stage, but with a subtle touch of sweetness owing to its GSC genetics. Its taste is a little more complex and evokes the peppery nuances of OG Kush, refreshing floral skunk flavours, and a candied ginger kick on the exhale.

Like its high THC/low CBD parents, Ginger Tea dominant terpene is myrcene. Mixed in with this flavourful hydrocarbon are many others like alpha-pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene, all complementing one another in a unique aromatic concoction that’s as refreshing and invigorating as its namesake. 

Ginger Tea Strain Effects

Ginger Tea genetic heritage features both strong sativa and indica links, which is reflected in its balanced psychoactive profile. Edging slightly more towards the indica side, users can expect the same initial euphoric headrush that gained Face-Off its reputation, followed by crushing but comfortable full-bodied relaxation. Due to this powerful sedative encore, Ginger Tea effects are best suited to nighttime use. 

Although Ginger Tea THC profile isn’t available, users of a psychoactive-sensitive disposition should steer clear of this herbal heavyweight. Just a tiny taste can quickly lead to couchlock, and even veteran consumers should reconsider pre-evening use unless they’re prepared for an extended power nap. 

Ginger Tea Strain Medical Benefits

Interestingly enough, Ginger Tea medical seeds possess many of the same healing benefits as a hot cup of the real stuff. Caryophyllene and THC are both powerful anti-inflammatory agents and can help aid digestion, soothe upset stomachs, and reduce nausea. This makes it an excellent choice for patients coping with the after-effects of chemotherapy. 

As a myrcene-rich cultivar with similar knockout effects as its Face-Off father, Ginger Tea medical benefits also include treating insomnia. Anyone who’s sampled this Pure Thai x Face-Off x Moonbow cross can attest to its strong sleep-inducing effects, which are easily as powerful as over-the-counter prescriptions, if not more so.

How to Grow Ginger Tea Strain

Thai phenos are great for greenhouses and tropical climates, but those living in dryer environments often struggle to achieve successful results. They’re also known for their long growth cycle and slow flowering time. However, thanks to meticulous cross-breeding, growing Ginger Tea feminized seeds is much easier than its heritage might have you believe. Offering excellent production, rigorous growth, and rapid flowering, these fuss-free seeds are great for growers of all abilities, especially those interested in extraction. 

Ginger Tea cannabis seeds yields are medium/high and average around 500g per m2 if grown inside. Its squat, indica-dominant structure means these numbers can be pushed even further through the use of a SCROG or SOG set-up and by implementing training techniques early on. Its high THC levels, resinous growth, and delicious terpene profile make it prime for extractions of all types, so make sure to wear gloves when it’s time to harvest. 

Requiring a longer veg period than an autoflowering strain, Ginger Tea flowering time ranges from nine-eleven weeks from germination, depending on a variety of factors, so do your research and make the necessary adjustments to your grow space if you’re hoping to harvest nearer the lower end of this timeframe.