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Face Off OG BX1 x Secret Formula

by Archive Seeds

A brand new contender on the cannabis circuit, Formula One is a balanced marijuana hybrid blend from the team at Archive Seeds with racing Kush effects that are guaranteed to send your mind into overdrive.

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Formula One Strain Genetics

Formula One is far from your standard cannabis custom job. To create these supercharged cannabis seeds, the Archive Seedbank have jury-rigged two top-spec breeds from the marijuana world, which together make for a formidable duo.    

Face Off OG BX1 – the flagship of the Archive Seeds breeding program – takes the driving seat, lending Formula One its incredible psychoactive impact and unique colouration. This indica-dominant hybrid is paired with Secret Formula – a mysterious sativa-leaning cultivar that marries White Fire with classic Do-Si-Dos genetics – resulting in a balanced, high-performance strain that puts the pedal fully to the metal. 

Formula One Strain Terpene Profile

Formula One regular seeds boast strong links to OG Kush via their Face Off OG parent plant, and their flavour borrows heavily from the herbal and earthy tastes that dominate the legendary strain. Mixed with fuel accents befitting of its name, White Fire – aka WiFi OG – also brings lemony elements to its descendant, while Do-Si-Dos provides its sweet cookies aesthetic and floral aftertaste. 

Limonene, myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes are the secret behind this strain’s fantastic flavour, working in synergy to create a taste and smell that lingers on your tongue and awakens your olfactory senses.

Formula One Strain Effects

Face Off OG is a seriously strong cannabis strain that’s suitable only for high tolerance consumers. It’s head-spinning psychedelic effects are renowned, and its direct descendent Formula One hits with similar cerebral intensity. Expect a crushing full-bodied experience paired with a powerful euphoric buzz, that ends with feelings of elation and heavily intoxication.  

Due to its potent pedigree and high THC content, this mean machine should be avoided during the day, as it can easily wreck the unprepared. For nighttime adventures, Formula One absolutely excels, so strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride!

Formula One Medical Benefits

Myrcene terpenes and a high THC, low CBD content mean Formula One is a first class choice for medical cannabis patients. Working in unison, these two compounds produce an entourage effect, the former amplifying the latter’s sedative influence. This makes this particular pheno the perfect prescription for treating sleep disorders like insomnia.

Caryophyllene is abundant in almost all cannabis strains and acts on pain receptors in the body. Formula One contains high levels of this analgesic sesquiterpene, and as such, is an excellent therapeutic alternative to traditional pain medications, numbing aches and easing chronic pain. 

How to Grow Formula One Strain

Formula One’s growth rate and flowering style most closely matches OG Kush but with long branches and a shorter internodal distance thanks to its Dos-Si-Do genetics. It also inherits a thick crystal coating courtesy of Face Off OG BX1, which dusts its bright and rocky buds like powdered sugar. Along with their amazing production rates, this makes these marijuana seeds a real pleasure for extract aficionados looking to make the most out of their terpenic potential. 

Ready to harvest in 8-9 weeks from germination, this plant is not as easy to cultivate as an autoflowering or feminised strain and may require additional nutrients for optimum growth. While the SOG or SCROG methods of cultivation are recommended for growers in the know-how, any environment will do for this adaptive strain. 

Now available from MGS as regular cannabis seeds, why not take this high-performance strain from the Archive Seedbank out for a spin?