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Moonbow #73 x Faceoff

by Archive Seeds

Double Cross is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain by Archive Seed Bank that is steeped in fabled genetics to ensure a potent, remarkably high THC offering that may well feel like it takes your face… off. Available in regular seeds only.

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Double Cross Strain Genetics

Double Cross cannabis seeds blend two high potency marijuana strains to create an epic lovechild. The first is Archive’s own Moonbow #73 (Zkittlez x Do-Si-Dos), while the latter is Faceoff (A phenotype of Faceoff OG, itself a turbo-charged of Kush pheno). With Face-Off OG in the Do-Si-Dos lineage, this is part of a new range from the Archive Seeds Company that has the classic hard-hitter at its core.

However, even Face-Off OG fanatics will be taken aback by the power and potency of this new Archive Seeds production, with a THC level thought to tip the scales at 25% in some cases! Expect OG Kush dominance to the flavour and effects too, but not without a good dose of uplifting fruitiness from the Cookies side and some classic smoothness from the Skunk and Afghani branches of the expansive family tree!

Double Cross Strain Terpene Profile

The Double Cross mix of terpenes is as deep, rich, and storied as its genetic background, with a host of different terps at play, each bringing their own unique flavours and aromas to the profile of this intriguing marijuana strain.

The most abundant terpenes to be found here include caryophyllene and limonene, the mix of peppery spice and fruity tang that blend on the inhale as they do in so many GSC descended strains. The classic, earthy, haze like tones to the aroma, especially on exhale, come from myrcene, the herbal terpene. The flavours of the exhale are due to two other terps, linalool (floral notes) and humulene (hoppy and zesty), which complete the complex taste of this sensational Moonbow #73 x Faceoff strain.

Double Cross Strain Effects

The effects of Double Cross have a lot in common with its Face-Off parent, however, the additional genetics at play here ensure a little more than just the face-melting, couch-locking power of the original. Despite the extremely high THC content, the head high, while intense, is euphoric here, with a touch of uplifting creativity.

Don’t get us wrong, this is an end of the day strain, but don’t expect total sedation, the buzz is far more complex than that, and it’s an absolute joy to go through the stages from the initial joyful feelings to the ultimate full-body relaxation that is the perfect accompaniment to a night of deep and peaceful sleep.

Double Cross Strain Medical Benefits

Double Cross medical marijuana possibilities come via the terpenes in combination with the THC content. Working together with the body’s endocannabinoid system, this potent blend can aid in helping sleep while reducing feelings of anxiety, potentially supporting the relief of insomnia symptoms.

This cannabis strain may also aid in the reduction of pain, specifically joint pain, related to chronic pain issues such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Reducing pain, increasing movement, and lessening stiffness in the joints is a definite possibility with this Archive Seed Bank – Double Cross.

How to Grow Double Cross Strain Seeds

These Double Cross regular cannabis seeds (feminized and autoflowering not yet available) give a 50% chance at male plants, great news for prospective breeders looking to create their own beautiful Frankenstein’s monsters from this high potency strain. Indoor flowering times start at nine weeks here, although waiting an extra 7-14 days may be of benefit when it comes to the yield, which can be high.

A good choice for outdoor and greenhouse growers, these cannabis seeds are easy to grow, relatively fast flowering, and high yielding, everything you want from marijuana seeds! With dank, delicious buds coated in trichomes (the resin production is perfect for extraction), an incredible scent coupled with an exquisite taste, and a remarkable THC level, you might find that this cannabis plant quickly becomes a new favourite.