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Do-Si-Dos F1 x Lemon Tree

by Archive Seeds

With its intoxicating citrus scent and pleasant calming influence, Dosi Tree is a lemon-flavoured indica-leaning legend in the making from the Archive Seedbank that’s here to tickle your tastebuds and send your body to a place of pure serenity.

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Dosi Tree Strain Genetics

Based in the Pacific Northwest, the Archive Seedbank specialise in breeding high quality, high THC cannabis seeds and Dosi Tree is no exception. This time, the team’s award-winning growers have merged a Do-Si-Dos F1 male with a Lemon Tree mother plant, creating an indica-leaning hybrid that’s nicely intoxicating but also delivers in the flavour department.

While Do-Si-Dos needs little introduction, Lemon Tree is less well known and blends Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel DNA. Popular for its super tart taste and pungent smell, the pheno perfectly compliments Do-Si-Dos’ potent OG Kush and GSC genetics, resulting in a rare cultivar that balances easy growth, excellent sensory effects and a sour fruit aesthetic.

Dosi Tree Strain Terpene Profile

Dosi Tree is an incredibly flavourful and robust smelling cannabis strain that borrows attributes from both of its parent plants. While Do-Si-Dos shares the sweet and earthy flavours familiar to the Cookies pheno, it also has strong links to OG Kush, giving it an unmistakable floral funkiness and an air of hops and lavender. Lemon Tree’s flavour profile, on the other hand, is pure citrus and skunk and about as intense as they come. 

Both of these famed strains are high in limonene terpenes, giving them their tangy taste and eye-watering aromas, but other aromatic compounds like linalool, myrcene, humulene and caryophyllene also contribute to Dosi Tree’s terrific terpenic combination.  

Dosi Tree Strain Effects

Dosi Tree regular seeds are indica-leaning and, as such, their high THC enhanced effects fall upon the sedative side, sending users straight into relaxation mode. Beginning with a sativa-style, psychedelic head buzz that works its way down through the body, leaving feelings of happiness and euphoria in its wake, the physical aftereffects of the strain can be a little intense, couch locking the inexperienced with little effort.

Even in moderation, Dosi Tree’s prolonged and at times, intense effects can quickly lead to an early night, and with its delicious flavour, it’s very easy to overindulge in this fabulous hybrid. Therefore, we can’t recommend this strain for daytime use, but for a dose of post-work serenity, it’s absolutely ideal. 

Dosi Tree Medical Benefits

Do-Si-Dos is a popular medical marijuana strain, partly because of its complex terpene profile. Rich in limonene and linalool compounds, which are both known for their relaxing properties, these regular cannabis seeds share a similar genetic profile, making them excellent for alleviating anxiety.

Furthermore, caryophyllene and humulene can influence pain receptors in the body, dulling chronic pain and making this high THC, low CBD strain a promising option for healing physical injury.  

How to Grow Dosi Tree Strain

The Archive Seedbank has ensured that Dosi Tree regular seeds are easy to cultivate in any environment. Though not as forgiving as a feminized or autoflowering seed type, they’re still a great starting strain for novice growers. With expected yields of 600g per m2 or 750g outdoors, satisfaction is virtually guaranteed, but those with a little more experience may still want to consider the SOG or SCROG methods for these large, well-branching plants.

Inheriting its good looks from Do-Si-Dos, Dosi Tree regular cannabis seeds makes for a gorgeous addition to any greenhouse. Brightly coloured and bursting in shades of lime green and lavender, the plant’s trichome covered buds are also big and beautiful and ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks from germination. 

Now available from MGS as regular seeds, why start the next growing season with this delicious Lemon Tree x Dosidos F1 cultivar from Archive Seeds.