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Sour Diesel x Do-Si-Dos

by Archive Seeds

Rev up your proverbial engines for Diesel Dough, a stimulating sativa-dominant strain from the famous Archive Seed Bank. Boasting impressive resin production, this potent powerhouse is definitely your go-to daytime strain to spark creativity and deliver a heavy head rush of energy.

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Diesel Dough Seeds Strain Genetics

Diesel Dough regular seeds are a carefully selected crossbreed of DNA genetics from ChemDawg’s legendary sativa cannabis strain, Sour Diesel and THC powerhouse Do-Si-Dos from Archive Seed Bank.

The original Sour Diesel clone, aka Sour D, a ’90s strain creation thought to be descended from indica hybrid Chem-dawg 91 and Super Skunk, shares its mood-boosting qualities, long growing time, dank diesel flavour and sour lemon aroma with its offspring.

Luckily, the Do-Si-Dos father strain was hand-selected to offset the dank OG funk and shorten the flowering time. As a result, growers can expect a medium yield and bright green buds with purple hues and bright white trichomes with a satisfyingly sticky layer of resin. This truly is a massive creation of compound genetics from an impressive lineage of Cali classic strains like Face Off OG, OG Kush Breath, and Girl Scout Cookies.

Diesel Dough Terpene Profile

Expect Diesel Dough to start out with a tart and pungent aroma that’s reminiscent of jet fuel, kush and incense before the sweetness from Do-Si-Dos breaks through. The taste is just as potent, leaving you with a confusing combo of stinky diesel and sweet cookies that might just grow on you.

High levels of terps, including myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, give this strain its spicy yet mildly sweet flavour and rare dankness aroma profile.

Diesel Dough Strain Effects

Buckle up for a mentally stimulating ride with this Sour Diesel x Do-Si-Dos descendent. Diesel Dough starts out strong with an energetic and heady high that doesn’t let up. If it’s a stimulating conversation you’re looking for, you’ll be guaranteed to find it with his strain.

Save this strain for an afternoon out with friends or for when you want to tap into your inner creativity. Diesel Dough offers the best of the New York classic, Sour Diesel without the psychedelic experience or circular thoughts.

Diesel Dough Strain Medical Benefits

Medical marijuana patients who suffer from depression and chronic stress can potentially benefit from the mentally stimulating and euphoric properties of the Diesel Dough cannabis strain.

While low in CBD, the combination of this sativa-dominant strain coupled with high THC levels and limonene and caryophyllene terpenes deliver mood-enhancing and anti-inflammatory effects that have been shown to be helpful for those suffering from depression and stress.

How to Grow Diesel Dough Strain

Diesel Dough cannabis seeds are moderately easy to grow; however, the biggest challenge is controlling the dank smell with carbon filters or other odour controlling techniques.

Available as regular cannabis seeds (autoflowering and female seeds not currently available) in the MGS seed bank, Diesel Dough plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors (or in a greenhouse). They will adopt an open structure and can grow pretty tall, so you’ll want to hone in on your pruning skills.

Thanks to the influence of its Do-Si-Dos parent strain, Diesel Dough plants have a faster flowering time than most sativa-dominant strains, at roughly ten weeks. Cultivators will be captivated by this exquisite flower with its dense green and purple hues, high resin count and frosty bright white trichomes that glisten in the light.