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by Archive Seeds

Cake Face is a high THC beauty from the Archive Seedbank that is rich in OG heritage. This indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain is high yielding, fast flowering, and offers up a taste extravaganza of sweet, floral goodness!

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Cake Face Strain Genetics

Available in regular cannabis seeds, Cake Face has a whole lot of Face-Off OG in its genetic background, combining Animal Face (Face-Off OG x Animal Mints) with Face-Off Bx2 (Face-Off OG x Face-Off Bx1).

These regular Cake Face cannabis seeds have picked up some impressive traits from the Cali connection in their heritage, including a robust yield of heavy, purple-hued buds that look like they should be framed as opposed to smoked… well, almost anyway!

Cake Face Strain Terpene Profile

A sweet and pungent aroma comes on the exhale here, with more than a touch of that minty goodness that Animal Mints has passed down through the branches of the family tree. However, the inhale is spicier and more tingly, and this intriguing combination comes from the terpene combination that is at play.

The Kush and Skunk like herbal scents are provided by myrcene, while sweet floral notes are likely caused by the presence of terpinolene. Limonene (tangy citrus) and caryophyllene (sweet and spicy) complement the varied flavours and scents. It may sound like too much is going on here, but everything complements everything else beautifully for a fully rounded multi-sensual experience.

Cake Face Strain Effects

Things get tingly very quickly with this fast-acting strain. Hitting the body first, the alleviation of tensions is joined by a soothing, relaxing effect that gives you fun sensations in your joints. While this is occurring, your head is likely to be having an equally pleasant but very different experience. The creative, focused buzz of OG Kush brings a euphoric, cerebral head high here, which balances out the near couch lock beautifully.

As you have probably gathered from the description, this is not a strain for the daytime. However, if you have plans to sit with some close friends and exchange some creative ideas, interspersed with fits of giggles, then you couldn’t pick a better marijuana strain than Cake Face!

Cake Face Strain Medical Benefits

The medical marijuana genetics are strong with this Archive Seeds seed company strain and are heavily related to the high THC level (around 23%) and rich terpene profile. In addition, the uplifting sensation for the mind has led to many reporting a reduction in the symptoms of depression, both related to long-term conditions and as a result of short-term factors.

The endocannabinoid system is taken for a ride by the THC and caryophyllene content of this Animal Face x Face-Off Bx2 strain, something which many state aids in the reduction of migraines and headaches, shortening the duration and alleviating the severity of related pain.

How to Grow Cake Face Strain Seeds

Growers are likely to be impressed by the indoor flowering time of these Cake Face cannabis seeds, taking an average of eight weeks from germination and seldom more than nine. However, the friendly traits don’t stop there with a pleasing yield of 650gr/m2, which is incredibly impressive in such a short space of time. In addition, these regular seeds (feminized and autoflowering seeds not currently available) respond well to SOG or SCROG and should only need the odd trim and light change to grow to their best.

Outdoor and growers may find these plants are susceptible to the elements, so warm, predominantly dry climates are recommended, these also make suitable greenhouse seeds. You’ll be waiting until maybe mid-October for harvest time here, but with 950g per plant of high-quality, dense, purple nugs covered in crystal trichomes and smelling of sweet, floral goodness, you won’t resent the wait!