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MAC1 x Grape Ape OG

by Apothecary Genetics

Born from two internationally renowned cannabis superstars, Grape MAC is a tasty and extra-resinous marijuana hybrid from the legendary breeders at Apothecary Genetics that offers balanced but potent effects, and a flavour profile that’s truly out of this world!

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Grape MAC Strain Genetics

Recently added to Apothecary Genetics exclusive selection, Grape MAC is an evenly-balanced cannabis blend that features both indica-dominant and sativa-dominant characteristics.

A direct descendent of MAC1 (aka Miracle Alien Cookies), a world-famous mix of Starfighter, Columbian, and Alien Cookies, Grape MAC cannabis seeds have inherited the best features of this marijuana triple threat, including a massive resin content and an uncanny organoleptic profile. 

As with many of Apothecary Genetics cultivars, these regular seeds are further enhanced by Grape Ape OG, which completes the lineage with its potent OG Kush aesthetic and additional fruity flavours. 

Grape MAC Strain Terpene Profile

Like its exotic parent strain, Grape MAC marijuana seeds are packed full of aromatic compounds like limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene, which lend the strain a particularly peculiar yet pleasant flavour.

A real pleasure for the taste buds, the strain’s dense orange overtones are highlighted with floral touches and the sweet and earthy background of Girl Scout Cookies, while sour diesel notes and a citrus tang dominates its scent. The grape notes of Grape Ape are also discernible but mostly masked by more robust OG Kush flavours, which add an extra sensory dimension to these out of the ordinary cannabis seeds.    

Grape MAC Strain Effects

Due to its mixed heritage, Grape MAC produces effects that borrow from both the indica-dominant and sativa-dominant worlds. Beginning with an uplifting mental experience, users can expect a burst of creativity and cheerful euphoria before a relaxing body buzz replaces its energising effects. 

As a high THC strain, Grape MAC can be a little intense for newcomers, so this cultivar is best reserved for experienced cannabis users. Fortunately, its physical effects are not overwhelming, meaning it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

Grape MAC Strain Medical Benefits

The same terpenes that lend Grape MAC regular cannabis seeds their alluring flavour also boast fantastic medicinal potential. Coupled with its high THC content (around 20%), this makes these marijuana seeds ideal for those looking to grow marijuana to treat either physical or mental disorders.

The strain’s mood-lifting qualities are especially beneficial for medical marijuana patients treating conditions like anxiety and depression. Limonene and humulene are both said to be highly effective in relieving symptoms of both depression and anxiety and, along with THC, can be utilised as a powerful appetite stimulant that can provide assistance with eating disorders.  

How to Grow Grape MAC Strain

Grape MAC cannabis seeds are easy to grow both indoors and out and adapt well to almost any substrate and cultivation system, particularly the SCROG and SOG methods. This makes them an excellent option for both first-time growers as well as seasoned cultivators.

With a characteristic rocky flower structure, its tight forest green buds glisten as if coated in sugar crystals, making this phenomenally resinous plant a prime candidate for those interested in cannabis concentrates.  

Excellent yields of up to 600g per m2 and a quick flowering time of just 9 weeks mean Grape MAC seeds really are the full package from a grower’s perspective. With fantastic flavours and effects on offer, these regular cannabis seeds are well worth adding to your growing collection.