Buy Grape Han Solo Burger strain seeds

Grape OG x Han Solo Burger

by Apothecary Genetics

Blending the galaxy’s most sought after sativa hybrid with an Apothecary Genetics original, Grape Han Solo Burger will blast your mind and tastebuds sky-high with its high-powered sensory kick.   

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Grape Han Solo Burger Strain Genetics

Apothecary Genetics has done it again! Using their own brand of cannabis sorcery, the seed company has managed to create a brand new spin on a roguish marijuana strain that’s famed throughout the galaxy.

Featuring Grape OG, a self-bred mix of Grape Ape and OG Kush, as its fruity base strain, Han Solo Burger, which blends Larry OG and GMO Cookies genetics, completes the duo, giving this sativa hybrid a similar savoury tang and plenty of potent psychoactive effects. Healthy growth credentials also certify this extremely resinous plant for professional use and for novice cultivators looking to maximise their yields.

Grape Han Solo Burger Strain Terpene Profile

Grape Han Solo Burger won’t be to everyone’s taste, but those of a more refined palette may find its savoury tang to be its biggest appeal. Full of funky flavours like ripe cheese, fresh pine and earthy spice, along with a fruity kick provided by Grape Ape, the plant’s flowering stage can be especially stinky, and its pungent odours are sure to make your nose wrinkle.

This unusual combination is formed from a complex mix of pinene, limonene and myrcene terpenes, with caryophyllene also playing a significant role in the strain’s creative flavour profile. 

Grape Han Solo Burger Strain Effects

Grape Han Solo Burger is a sativa dominant hybrid, and thus, its effects are predominantly cerebral. Blasting off with euphoric intensity, the strain’s psychedelic effects will send your mind into hyperspace on a prolonged and powerful voyage to a galaxy of pure mental relaxation. The physical impact of this marijuana strain is also pronounced and can leave even seasoned consumers lost amongst the stars. 

For newcomers to the world of cannabis consumption, Grape Han Solo Burger may not be the strain you’re looking for, as this super strain can easily lead low-tolerance users towards the dark side. But for the more adventurous, these regular seeds are just the ticket! 

Grape Han Solo Burger Strain Medical Benefits

Grape Han Solo Burger will tame any inability to relax, and these calming qualities can also be put towards medicinal use. Anxiety sufferers will find these feminized marijuana seeds just the treat for stress relief, with their high levels of limonene helping to combat cortisol levels.  

This wonder compound – the second most common terpene found in nature – has also shown to reduce blood pressure, boost energy levels, and reduce inflammation making Grape Han Solo Burger an effective treatment for fatigue and physical injury.

How to Grow Grape Han Solo Burger Strain

These regular seeds from Apothecary Genetics are quick growing with sativa typical characteristics. Ready to harvest in 9 weeks from germination, and birthing extremely resinous, conical-shaped plants that wear their green and purple colours proud, Grape Han Solo Burger can easily double in size during the flowering stage and these qualities make it an excellent option for SCROG or SOG cultivation.

An excellent strain for professional growers looking to upsize, Grape Han Solo Burger yields up to 450g per m2 in an indoor setup, or 650g per plant outdoors, and, with harvests this generous, how could anyone be disappointed?