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Chemdog x Girl Scout Cookies

by Apothecary Genetics

Apothecary Genetics have turned their hand to a bonafide classic with the GMO Cookies cannabis strain. A grandchild of OG Kush, these indica-dominant, regular seeds have legendary genetics, a genuinely unique flavour, and rapid flowering time.

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GMO Cookies Strain Genetics

An award-winning, highly potent, indica-dominant hybrid strain in its own right, GMO Cookies aka Garlic Cookies is the child of two cannabis cup winners and seed bank favourites, Chemdog and Girl Scout Cookies. Such a legendary lineage sets the bar high, but this high THC level marijuana strain is more than capable of rising to the challenge.

Indica heavy means compact plants and dense buds, and that’s what you get with GMO Cookies, which inherits a diesel-like aroma from the Chemdog in its genetic background. 

GMO Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of GMO Cookies helps to explain why the scents and flavours of this cannabis strain stand out so much amongst others.

The fruity citrus tang to the flavour on inhaling appears to have been handed down from Girl Scout Cookies and comes from an abundance of limonene, one of the most dominant terpenes found in this hybrid strain. 

Furthermore, it is thought that the Chemdog genetics in this strain are responsible for the spicier, petrol-tinged overtones to the scent, and that is largely caused by the presence of caryophyllene. Myrcene also plays its part here, which adds a dose of classic skunk strains to the aroma and taste, particularly on the exhale.

GMO Cookies Strain Effects

A combination of relaxation and euphoria can be expected to kick in remarkably quickly with the GMO Cookies strain, reminiscent of the Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush in its lineage. Not only are the effects fast-acting here, but they are also long-lasting, which is a double whammy we can all appreciate.

You won’t be overly sedated by the high here, but the effects of this indica-dominant marijuana strain will certainly make relaxation your cannabis partner in crime. Best enjoyed later in the day, GMO Cookies is ideal for an evening of chilled conversation with friends or loved ones.

GMO Cookies Strain Medical Benefits

The medical marijuana potential of GMO Cookies is evident from its Cannabis Cup winning pedigree, with both parent strains considered highly popular medical cannabis choices in the US. The high THC level (around 25%) and caryophyllene content combines to help create a potential reduction in levels of pain. As such, GMO Cookies could be particularly effective for people living with chronic pain conditions.

Furthermore, and because of an abundance of limonene, GMO Cookies is also an interesting option for those looking for an alternative treatment for anxiety. Known as a highly relaxing, tension-busting strain, GMO Cookies could be a valuable therapeutic for those looking to alleviate those ever-rising 21st century stress levels. 

How to Grow GMO Cookies Strain Seeds

While Apothecary Genetics GMO Cookies cannabis seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors, this hybrid strain thrives in a warm and sunny climate. When grown indoors, these marijuana seeds are considered to be moderately easy to grow with a relatively fast flowering time of around 10-12 weeks, delivering optimal results.

Leaning hard to the indica side means these regular seeds grow stubby with a short plant height, so the odd trim here or there is about all it takes to keep GMO Cookies in check. 

Come harvest time, a high yield of citrus-laced, pepper shaped, olive green buds with a subtle purple hue, dripping in white trichomes, and covered in an overcoat of orange hairs will develop on this wonderful plant, rewarding growers with a high yield pushing 500gr per m2.