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Kaia Kush x Grape Ape x Blue Dream

by Apothecary Genetics

Fancy a slice of Blue Cake? From Apothecary Genetics, Blue Cake is a well-balanced and deliciously flavourful hybrid cannabis strain. Available as regular seeds, this hybrid wonder offers a fast flowering time and delicious orange-coated buds 

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Blue Cake Strain Genetics

Blue Cake cannabis seeds certainly have interesting genetics, with the parents of this hybrid strain being the famed Kaia Kush, fruity Grape Ape, and the increasingly popular Blue Dream. A remarkable mix of popular strains with more than a hint of OG Kush and haze strains in the lineage helps to create Blue Cake´s truly unique flavour profile. 

Ease of growth is passed down through the genetics of these marijuana seeds, with relatively compact plants and an impressive yield, as well as a high THC level that could give any of the three mother strains a run for their money.

Blue Cake Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of Blue Cake has been handed down from its mother strains and produces a classic, yet modern mix of aromas and tastes.

Myrcene is the most dominant terpene and provides an old school cannabis flavour full of herbal scents on the exhale, while pinene is also found in these regular cannabis seeds to add a forest-fresh touch. Also present is caryophyllene, which takes these gentle flavours, and adds a strong dose of spice that sticks to the throat on the inhale and lingers on the tongue on the exhale.

Blue Cake Strain Effects

There are Afghani and Skunk cup winners in the busy genetics of Blue Dream, and the effects of this cannabis strain are reminiscent of these seeds bank favourites. A combination of chilled and uplifting effects is fast-acting and long-lasting here, a mix that every cannabis fan is looking for!

A great daytime strain, helping pull you through the last few hours of a busy day, this is also a nice evening smoke, conducive with chattiness when you have company, and aiding in relaxing towards a gentle and deep sleep.

Blue Cake Strain Medical Benefits

Apothecary Genetics’ Blue Cake cannabis seed’s genetics are packed full of award-winning medical seeds, and there’s certainly that same potential here. The high THC level and caryophyllene combination, which connects to the body’s endocannabinoid system, may reduce pain, especially for those living with chronic pain conditions.

This cannabis strain also has medical seeds possibility in the reduction of stress and anxiety symptoms. The mind-chilling effects that may be offered by both limonene and pinene may aid in relieving the severity of symptoms of these conditions.

How to Grow Blue Cake Strain Seeds

Blue Cake cannabis seeds from Apothecary Genetics, which are as yet unavailable as feminized seeds, should be ready to go in as little as nine weeks for indoor growers. With a pleasingly fast flowering time for such a high yielding marijuana strain, a little pruning will be necessary. The sativa aspects of Blue Cake’s personality can cause the plants to grow pretty leafy.

This easy to grow cannabis strain rewards outdoor gardeners well,  reacting best to warmer, Mediterranean style climates with limited rainfall. Greenhouses are recommended for those of you growing these regular marijuana seeds in cooler climes. 

However, for the fastest, and potentially best yield of orange coated, resinous, heavy buds, indoor growing is highly recommended.