Buy 3 Kings strain seeds

Sour Diesel x OG Kush x Headband

by Apothecary Genetics

The crowning glory of the Apothecary Genetics breeding program, 3 Kings (aka Three Kings) is a sativa-dominant hybrid combination of three majestic marijuana strains. An easy to grow cultivar with potently high levels of THC, 3 Kings is practically fit for royalty. 

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3 Kings Strain Genetics

3 Kings marijuana seeds are something of a genetic masterpiece, with a royal lineage that includes three blue-blooded big-timers of the cannabis world. 

Sour Diesel – a Chemdog and Super Skunk descendent – kicks off the holy trinity, lending 3 Kings its tart taste and a cerebral kick to rival even the strongest sativa strains, while OG Kush brings its high THC level and characteristic effects to these quality cannabis seeds. Headband – a blend of both of these monstrous marijuana strains – finishes the regal partnership, further increasing the hybrid’s potential and potency.

Fresh from the tinkerers at Apothecary Genetics and handmade by royal appointment, get ready to bend a knee and swear allegiance to this kingly cannabis strain.

3 Kings Strain Terpene Profile

The combination of OG Kush classic flavours and the biting tang of Sour Diesel makes this tongue-tingling hybrid an absolute must for flavour connoisseurs.

A pungent and pronounced aroma of gasoline and citrus dominates the 3 Kings’s olfactory profile while it’s flavour is more refined, boasting floral notes courtesy of humulene.

Easier on the lungs than many OG Kush phenos, a mix of caryophyllene and limonene terpenes are responsible for this cannabis strain’s characteristically chemical bite.

3 Kings Strain Effects

3 Kings delivers a balanced but potent cerebral buzz, whisking users away to a dreamy headspace but rarely leaving them zonked out on the couch. It’s high THC level (around 18.5%) and inspiring influence can offer a great source of creativity, opening the mind while simultaneously relaxing the body.

The sativa style effects of these regular seeds are potent and fast-acting and may overwhelm inexperienced users, but adverse reactions are rare. If enjoyed sensibly and in moderation, 3 Kings can offer a wonderful cerebral experience befitting its royal status. 

3 Kings Strain Medical Benefits

Medical marijuana patients will be particularly pleased with the strength and versatility of 3 Kings seeds. What’s especially great about this variety is that it lacks the heavy sedation associated with many Kush strains, allowing you to appreciate its healing influence at any time. 

Working together in synergy, limonene, caryophyllene, THC, and a host of other chemical compounds make 3 Kings perfect for treating patients with chronic pain and nausea. 

Considering its range of therapeutic benefits, you’d be hard pushed to find a similar all-purpose strain to rival 3 Kings. 

How to Grow 3 Kings Strain

3 Kings regular seeds are malleable and will reign supreme in any environment, but the plant’s pungent odour and sativa-dominant characteristics make outdoor growth and warm climates the optimal option.

Expect a medium plant height and plenty of rocky sage green buds from this fast-growing cannabis strain, along with a healthy frosted coating that’ll have makers of cannabis concentrates smiling from ear to ear.

Thriving with little maintenance, 3 Kings boasts a short flowering time of 9-11 weeks from germination and delivers impressive yields of 450-550g per m2 making this the perfect seed for cultivators of any experience.