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White Russian x Chocolope

by Amsterdam Genetics

White Choco by Amsterdam Genetics is a cross between White Russian and Chocolope. This cannabis hybrid enjoys tremendous success in Amsterdam, mostly for its potency and incredible taste.

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White Choco Genetics

White Choco has an amazing lineage. Amsterdam Genetics deserves credit for combining White Russian (hybrid cannabis strain) and Chocolope (sativa strain), themselves being two very successful strains.

White Choco Terpene Profile

White Choco is known for its sweet and spicy chocolate aroma. This is due to its connection with Chocolope, a classic chocolate flavour strain. Adding to this, are the peculiar undertones of skunkiness, which dominate in White Russian. It is the combination of these two different scents which results in a unique spicy-sweet mix, which makes White Choco a one-of-a-kind strain.

White Choco Effects

White Choco is a powerful hybrid. Expect to feel a cerebral and uplifting sensation with an immediate mood and energy boost. Some choose to enjoy this during the day to increase concentration and productivity. In slightly higher doses White Choco’s sedative indica side is more pronounced, relaxing the body – perfect when ready to watch a movie and slowly doze off.

Medical Benefits White Choco

White Choco may be used for its medical application. As a hybrid it contains traits of both sativa and indica, thus making it suitable to deal with a variety of symptoms. Its properties help to deal with depression, anxiety, and even lack of sleep. If used to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety, it is advisable to use low doses, as to maximize the cerebral effect, without reaching to an overwhelming state. For patients who require a strain to aid them in sleeping, larger doses may be used.

How to Grow White Choco

Nothing pleases a beginner grower more than a short flowering cycle, high yield, and minimal supervision. White Choco is designed with this in mind. In around just 8-10 weeks White Choco will produce amazing frosty looking buds. Those with limited space, don’t worry, as this cannabis strain will only reach up a medium height, suited for indoor cultivation. While those looking to maximize harvest, it is better to plant it outdoors, as it will stretch to a taller height and produce even more yield. Wait until the end of September to harvest White Choco outdoors.